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    After the various rumours concerning the adaptation of Rainbow Six 3 on GameCube, certain actors of the distribution would announce an answer going in the same direction. Indeed, according to our information, a version GameCube de Rainbow Six 3 would be well in preparation in the studios ofUbi Soft; after the advertisement of a version PS2, Nintendo-gamers would thus not be private of this hit.
    This cubic version should appreciably approach that déja available on Xbox, however we do not have more information about the helmet which served the Xbox version royally.

    According to our information, its exit would be envisaged from here the next summer.

    e dopo "Rocco invades Poland" il nuovo cult del 2004:
    "Max invades Sardland"
    /!\Il Peter North di Nextgame/!\
    SE SIETE DEBOLI DI CUORE NON CLICCATE: http://tabo.aurealsys.com/pub/keyra/

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