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    Maybe this is why it took them so long to get online ;) The list of problems with Burnout 3 is full of pretty annoying yet easily fixable gripes:

    - No way to invite someone already playing Burnout 3. Although I can send them text messages! It's like a PS2 online emulator
    - No way to invite someone offline to play (besides text messages)
    - Cant have a friends only room, only passwords (requiring more text messaging)
    - Cant tell who is talking during the race
    - Having to sign back into EA after races
    - Opponents car showed by a tiny image in the lobby

    It's a bunch of things that should be mandatory for any Xbox Live game. On the plus side however your online points count to your World Tour totals, there's no lag and the game is more fun than you can imagine. Road Rage is awesome .

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  Burnout 3 online: delusione?


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