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    Word has it that the President's daughter is actually Sherry.
    After Umbrella went to hell, Sherry had no parents, so perhaps the President took her in after Umbrella went down.
    The second rumor is that the villagers are actually infected with the T-Veronica virus.
    This is possible because that the first stages of this virus are not clearly visible.
    If one remembers, Steve was still in his human form before the shit hit the fan. Also, Nosferatu went through years of mutations.
    Thus a person infected could start out as a blood-thirsty ghoul, and mutate into a beast.
    The man with the bag on his head may later turn into the Ogre that we saw in the GI shots due to such changes.

    Along with the GI article came a lot of rumors.
    Here is a collection of rumors found so far.

    - Umbrella is not completely out of the picture
    - The areas in the original trailers we saw are still in the game.
    - Claire will be in the game
    - This is Carlos' hometown
    - Wesker's organization may be in the game
    - The US government may have shut down Umbrella because they committed acts of terrorism.

    Che dire sarebbe tutto molto bello sperem
    e dopo "Rocco invades Poland" il nuovo cult del 2004:
    "Max invades Sardland"
    /!\Il Peter North di Nextgame/!\
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