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    questo e' il topic di Genso Suikoden, (pieno di spoiler)
    il primo capitolo di questa saga Nacque nel 1996, su Sony Playstation... Poi successe una cosa.... che la massa di players occidentali non venne a conoscenza.... e cioe... la conversione di Suikoden 1 su Sega Saturn nel 1998... ebbene oltre a parlare di questo magnifico gioco.... e dei suoi seguiti... vi voglio mostrare delle belle cosucce.... un testo in inglese che spiega le differenze tra Suikoden 1 psx version e Suikoden 1 (meglio conosciuto in giappone come niente di meno che... preparatevi.... Director's Cut )

    quando ne avro' voglia di tradurlo riuscirete a capirlo altrimenti cerkate di tradurlo da voi! tanto e' facile...

    ecco il testo:


    It was developed by KCES, Konami of Sapporo. It was released in Japan on September 17th, 1998. The Saturn version is a rarity even in Japan, as KonamiSAP doesn't produce it's games in great volume. Konami, along with, The Duck Corporation made a True Motion AVI movie, that is the new Genso Suikoden Intro, very nicely done I might add.


    The Sega Saturn version of Genso Suikoden is a bit different from it's Playstation brethren. The game as a whole has a "Beta Test" like feel to it through most of the game. The sounds and music seem to be emulated on the Saturn while the game itself seems to be an actual conversion to the Saturn console. Sound effects seem to sound remotely close to the PSX versions, but with a "windblown-symphony of the night-effect" added to it. Quite often, at times the music track and sounds will be "Gargled" when you walk up stairs, or enter a door to another room. This leads me to believe that there is some evidence of sound/music emulation in the game. The music is vaguely different as well. The Saturn's music seems more "Alive" and "Crisp". This can especially be heard in Gregminister and the World Map theme.

    The game takes a lot of time to load in several places of the game. Even with a Saturn 4MB Ram Cartridge, it does not lessen the loading time significantly enough to make a difference. The creative loading time of the PSX version, (Involving animated images of characters running, bird & cat, Blackman the farmer, Dancer Mina, etc) have been replaced with a black screen that lasts for about 5 seconds. This loading time occurs when entering or leaving a town as well as loading a save game. Random battles, take about 5 seconds to load with only a black screen to show, instead of the "circle-fade-in" effect of the PSX version.

    The party menu is not as touched up as the PSX version. It isn't transparent, and the text font is rather bulky, which is a plus for those who wish to translate the Kanji, as it is fairly easy to see. The armor equipment screen looks entirely different, as you can select various pieces of armor from a menu list, and highlight the one you prefer to use, much like an option screen. If a character cannot use a particular type of armor, such as a shield, the place holder will be grayed-out. A convenient way to show whether a character can use certain classes of armor.

    The game over screen is slightly different in the Saturn version, as the "game over" music plays through the entire choice making/loading process. (A nice dramatic touch) where as in the PSX version the music stops as soon as your choice to continue or not has been made.

    The "gray-circle-marker" (The one that shows which character your attacking with, and what enemy is being attacked) has been altered to show a lot more colors that constantly swirl. It makes it look far more interesting.

    Holding a button combination on the PSX controller allows you to reset certain PSX games. In Suikoden you could use this trick only at certain times, such as some of the gambling games. The Saturn version does not have a "Warm-boot-reset" feature that I can tell.

    That's it for the differences of the game mechanics. If I discover more, then I'll add it them here.


    The Sega Saturn version is known as a director's cut of Genso Suikoden. There were several new and alternate scenes added to this version as well as new items and places to explore. Here I will list all that I've found thus far, as well as some others that have been mentioned by the administrator of Suikosource, Blue Moon. I will keep the differences of what Blue Moon has stated, and my own findings separate, until I can validate that they are indeed genuine.

    A completely new Genso Suikoden Intro has been added to the game, while the old one from the PSX version has been scrapped. You can find this intro in AVI format on this site, if you care to view it.

    The flight on Futch's Dragon, "Black" is a little different in the fact that the clouds are more realistic and crisp.

    Leknaat's chamber is a little different. They did a much better job of layering the stained glass projection on the floor. It's very clear, and neat to walk through, as if you are wading through an illusionary magic circle.

    Luc's teleportation is different. Instead of teleporting in a white, "wind-sphere", he now teleports in, from what looks to be a pinkish lightning strike. He teleports the rest of your party in the same way as well.

    Treasure chests are now of a blue color, instead of the PSX version's orange-red.

    Marco's cup game is entirely different this time around. Instead of guessing which cup the coin will appear, you now have three coins, and the object of the game is to guess heads or tales. Or in this case chickens or fists? (Well that's what it looks like to me) The object of the game is simple. You choose which of three coins is going to be heads or tails. If you get 1 out of 3 right, then you lose, 2 out of 3 then you win what you have bet, and 3 out of 3 then you win double what you have bet.

    The Queen Ant boss on Mt. Seifu, has a new attack, involving a circle of huge boulders that surround the entire party, and move in to crush them. (If this is in the PSX version, then I have never seen it. I've only seen a black quake attack. Let me know If it is in the PSX version so that I may edit this iff this information is false.)

    The Soul Eater attack that Ted uses against the Queen Ant is alternate. It looks like a nuclear bomb version of "Deadly Fingertips" (The first level spell of Soul Eater.) Also, the scene in which Ted uses the Soul Eater in Windy's chamber is enhanced to make it even more "Warp Speed" looking.

    As I find out more I will update.

    Here are some of the other differences that have been told to me by Blue Moon. As soon as these are verified I will add them to the "Differences List". Some of these may contain *****SPOILERS***** for those that have not played through the entire PSX game.

    What people say after Gremio dies is different from the PS version.

    What people say after Teo's death is different.

    What people say before the Shasarazade battle is different.

    The whole sequence where Gremio is revived is different. A whole sequence where Gremio wanders around Gregminster in a dreamy-state before resurrection is added.

    A feature where the hero could have a cat as a pet. You could raise the cat by giving it pet food and playing with it and the like.

    Eikei's coliseum is added, where characters could fight monsters for exp and awards. Awards include items not available in the PS version, such as the "Darkness Rune" and the "Silver Armor."

    The Abduction event, where Anji's lake pirates abducts a random young girl occurs. You have to pay ransom or defeat them to get the girls back.


    Ora collezionisti fanatici Italiani mettetevi all'opera..... io me lo compro... pero' badate e' only jap purtroppo

    ora le immagini..... visitate http://utenti.lycos.it/flik1983x/ son quelle li

    Flik dei Fremen
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    Al epoca ci fu la notizia su Mega console (pace al anima sua) che la Konami avrebbe convertito su saturn Genso Suikoden, Vandal Hearts e Dracula X. Dei tre io ho preso solo Dracula X (Castlevania). Rispeto alla versione PSX ha 2 stage e alcuni ogetti in piu.

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