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    Sega.com announces that both Sony and Nintendo have signed up to use its SNAP middleware package.

    Sega.com has today announced that it has signed middleware agreements with both Sony and Nintendo that will lead to game developers on both the PS2 and GameCube taking advantage of Sega's expertise in network and online gaming.
    "Having shipped more than 17 networked console games to date, Sega is the undisputed pioneer in online console gaming, and Sega.com helped make it possible by creating and supporting the technology backbone," said Mr. Ryoichi Shiratsuchi, CEO of Sega.com and general manager, Network Business Division, Sega Corporation. "From building the first high-speed online console gaming network to offering Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 developers a solution for implementing a network gaming environment with SNAP, Sega.com is truly committed to the future of the video game industry--online gaming."

    The Sega Network Application Package (SNAP) is essentially a suite of technologies designed to help developers take their games online more easily. SNAP also incorporates a number of optional services that can assist with the operation, maintenance, and development of a network game environment, covering areas including server hosting, billing, consulting, and quality assurance testing.
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