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    Justin di Tokyopia... [spoiler minimi]

    I was disappointed by the demo too. My impressions of that: http://www.tokyopia.com/reviews.asp?reviewsid=16

    With the benefit of 12 hours of play, there's little doubt that this is a gaming experience simply beyond everything we've seen to date.

    It's also the first time a story point in a game has coaxed a tear in my 20 years of gaming. This is coming from someone who laughs in the face of over wrought FF stories.

    And Jesus, the size! I thought I was reaching the end of the game... finally got the four thingies.... anyway, that was like the prelude the real game. Now I gotta find the eight fricken pieces of the Triforce. Hello?


    This is almost certainly the greatest game ever made.

    (sempre lui)

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