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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Q&A
    Games Domain: Why Xbox over the other formats for Knights?

    Ray A. Muzyka: We had a choice and specifically wanted to make it on Xbox. When we announced the title we announced that it was going to be on a next generation console and then PC, so from the start it was going to be a console game. But we wanted to make sure that we had the right console to allow us to do all the things we wanted to do like cutting edge next gen graphics and having a hard drive for example to let us create more detailed cities and a more living, dynamic world and lets you do things in which you can save the status of what you've done, or save anywhere for that matter - that's an important too. The broadband capabilities of Xbox allow us for things like additional content or multiplayer gaming. We were given the choice.and on this one we definitely agreed we'd go with Xbox.

    GD: Do you think that Knights would be possible to convert to Gamecube or PlayStation2 in the future?

    RM: There's no current plans to do that, no.

    Julio Torres: There's technical issue first of all, with the size of the game is probably a little overwhelming for other hardware, it would be hard.I think we'd have to scale the game down and it would become something else to what it is.

    RM: We're doing the equivalent on PC, but it would be hard to do the same things on a PS2 or GC.

    JT: It wouldn't fit.without changing the game a lot, and we think that is perfect as it is. So Xbox wins [laughs].

    GD: Other than Star Wars and Baldur's Gate games, what other sources have you looked towards in terms of gameplay and structure inspiration?

    RM: Our philosophy is that every game we do is better than the last one, so long as we're making progress it has to be continually better. That' s the art of making games. So the story has to be better, the interface has to be better, the animation.everything has to be better. So inspiration-wise, obviously Star Wars the movies played a tremendous part in the inspiration - we love Star Wars. The producer of the project at BioWare, our project director has seen the original movie/Episode IV about 80 times! The comics are also very cool, Tales of the Jedi are 4000 years before the movies, around the era Knights is set. They define this loose framework which doesn't lock you down in any way, which allows a lot of creative freedom. This was another area that we were offered as an option [by LucasArts] - we had a choice of doing an Episode II role playing game or a RPG set 4000 years before the series, and we said we wanted the latter to have more creative freedom, and [the guys] at LucasArts agreed - we shared a lot of creative options with LucasArts.

    JT: I think that's the key to the inspiration, the driving force that all these people who love Star Wars will get to invent something that will become part of the universe that was non-existent, and that's very exciting thing to be part of.

    RM: The team is excited about the possibility of making something that is a cannon for the official Star Wars timeline.

    JT: It's cool.

    courtesy of gamesdomain.com

    questo titolo è tra i piu attesi dal sottoscritto...i Bioware sono una istituzione...sono i migliori come program,matori di rpg occidentali...e pensare ad un rpg "serio" nel mondo di Star Wars....

    graficamente poi spacca

  Star Wars Knight of the old Republic [Rpg per Xbox e Pc by BIOWARE-LucasArt]


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