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    game informer was 1st introduced to fable, then known as project ego, during a closed door meeting at the 2001 electronic entertainment expo with the enigmatic head of lionhead studios, peter molyneux. blah blah blah... (goes on to describe otehr games that hes worked on )

    recently, game informer ventured off to merry old englad to find out why so many names in the indursty are speculationg that this highly anticipated title may well prove to be LH Stuidos graetest accomplishment to date. Gather around the fire, we have a fable to tell...

    (Talks about how Dene and Simon came up with fable, and what they thought about it b4 devolpment)

    the centerpeice of any rpg is the hero, but in the case of fable this aspect is taken to an extreme. in reality, fable is so much an rpg, but a sim of a world, the hero starts off as a young boy who must write his own tale. you can be what you want to be, for good or ill.

    fable is built from the ground up wiht this in mind. All the characters have their own independant intelligences that reacts to the moral desicions you make throughout the game. kill everyone and eveyrthing in your path, and the game will answer accodringly. lead a chivalrous llife, and yuou will attract ardent fans and the admiration of the common people.

    the objective here is to teach the player that eveyrthing has consequences and that you live with them, this aspect, at 1st can be rather daunting , but once you start to see how things work in makes sense. Basically our hero has 2 ways to interact with the people, you can draw your sword or give them items from your inteventory to see how they react.

    for example if you kill one of the women in town, and she is married, her husband will try to off you, and her children will start to cry and run off, thiss is the result of your one choice. the amazing this is that everything is presented to the player with obvious animations and facial expressions from the villagers.

    the children rub their eyes crying, and the husband runs around calling you a bastard and so forth.
    of course the game wont punish you for being bad, its a viable approach for playing fable, but there will be consequences. if you kill more villages the town guards will gather a posse and track you down, and you can pretty much write off never buying any items or staying in that towns inn.

    conversly if you are a noble hero, you can ggive a woman candy, and watch her blush, do it again, and she may develp feelings for you. clear out some of the local bandits, and return to town a hero, with children singing your prasises, and clapping. they may even try to look like you, you being the cooleest thing since the juggler with the limp came through

    How people react to you is an easy way to monitor your standing wiht the various inhabitants, but fable also has a renown meter to show how good or evil you are being. plus every town features a hero podium where all people will gatehr around to give you the current public opinion.

    this can be an ego boost, or a letdown, depending on how you play the game.

    suprisingly all this depth is found just in the town portion of fable, as there is still a wide open world full of monsters and mayhem left to explore, advancement in fable is not done through the convential method of gaining experience to get more hit points and acquire new skills, instead your hero has all things available to him from the beginning and the player muyst choose which skills to develop.

    if you wish to go down the path of the mighty warrior your best bet is to use your sword in combat to increase your strength, which in time will unlock combos that allow you to release bigger and better flurries.

    of course there are many different paths you can choose from as well, be it a magic user ( or Fae, as it is being called in the game)
    a bow weilding ranger, a theif/assisain or some combo of all these things. its all depends on the way you play the game.

    however, keep in mind that the direction you take, determins what equipment you can and cant use. (goes on to describe how you cant be a theif with heavy armor, or be a magic user with a sword, or a warrior that summons creatures)

    Life in fable is in constant motion, just beacause you are away from the village doesnt mean is stops growing, or that the inhabitants dont continue to go about their daily tasks. teh game is meant to span a lifeteime, with each adventurer defining himself with the skill she learns and traits he gives to his caharacter. to further theimpression that fable exists in a persisternt world, the devs employ a number of technologicl marvels and a fantastic art team to flesh out the places and its people.

    For example, you will find various haricuts and tatoos that you can then take back to any town and have a local merchant outfit you wiht this new look.

    Find a fancy new cloak, try it on and see if it fits, because every person in teh world has a diff body type, and some items wont fit, your cahracter also can take on wounds in battle that, if you dont bandage them soon enough , will scar.

    the hero and all the main characters in the plot will age as the game progresses, so if you spend too much time in the sun, you will grow into a wrinkled and suntanned old man. choose to travel under the dark, and your charcter will turn into a pale looking creature of the night.

    Characters arent the only things that react to the time and the actions that take place during the game. weather is constantly cycling between rain, snow and sun. the wilds of the world are home to numerious factions which are constantly going back and forth controlling different areas. this means that a place that was once friendly, can turn into a wasteland that you wouldnt want to venture into unless covered by night. nothing can be taken for granted, or for what it was.

    the only exception we found was that the enviroments themselves arent affected by seasons, however, the quest will take you to many outdoor locales, cities, and dungeons, each wiht its own theme. of course you will want to experience the snowy mountain, and the volcanic rock areas that are common in many rpgs. however the art team is to be commmended on tehir work in this department as the world of fable is simply gorgeous.

    from teh castles, to the monsters of this world, everythign has a very organic look, with some of the most detailed models we have seen in a well rounded world.

    To finish off teh expereince, fable will also include many audio cues and cutscense that give the player a feeling of being part of a bigger story, these also give evildoes and creatures that meanacing backgrop that will instill the player with the sense of fear and awe that is the mark of any good story. you wont hear the hero speaking to anyone however, but almsot all the interactions are delivers through voiceovers complete with lip-synching.

    Another interseting note is that the fact that you will notn be the only hero in the world, sadly this does not mean fable is xbox live enabled, its definitly a single player game, but rather that other ai-driven hereos will be wandering the land, there are even outposts where you can look at your standing compared to all the other hereos of the world.

    when all the peices come together, fable is really nothing we expected, and that is most certainly a good thing. dene and simon, along with the rest of the team, are looking to break new ground in teh rpg realm, and it shows in both the product and their attitude, in most rpgs you are nothing until you have brought back someones cat, or rescued the entier village from some threat. in which case you dont get much thanks

    I hope most people will genuinely care about their interactions with people in teh game. I hope they dont just wonder into town and say, oh im gnna kill everyone, i hope they find themselves thinking that would be really cruel if they did that, and prehaps making moral judgements most wouldnt make in a game.

    as you can see fable isnt just about the story or the adventture, its about the people, places and things you come in contact with along the way.

    already two years in development with no sold release date on the horizon, gameres will just have to wait for fable to become a realitly , it will likely change eveyrthing you ever thought an rpg should be
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    Ammazza che figata!
    Ma lo scopo del gioco quale sarebbe? Riuscire a morire felicemente per morte naturale?
    Poi a cosa serve fare i cattivi se poi quì c'è scritto che ti chiudono la città e perdi fama se lo fai?
    La storia dei monumenti se fai l'eroe mi ha ricordato un altro gioco...Stefano lo sà :DD
    "Centoventi volte tu risorgi e spari. Centoventi volte tu non crolli e avanzi."

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