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    More information has been given to me regarding Zelda CUBED. It is more than likely going to be
    a multi-disc game (more that one disc). This game is
    going to be very expansive, covering 3 to 4 different versions of Hyrule. The source close to me
    had this to say. The game will more than likely have you traveling back and forth through the worlds
    correcting mistakes that your ancestors have done in previous games.
    When asked how will that work with the discs, he comented that you will be swithching disc
    several times. I know that that could get tiring, but Nintendo will make it easy, no doubt.

    E' probabile che Zelda sul cubo rivoluzionerà completamente il concetto di action rpg, esattamente come ha fatto ocarina of time.
    email orange.road@tin.it



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