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    DC chip in Xbox?

    This one is a can of pickles, tasty yet salty... It seems that with all the Sega hoopla floating around rumors started popping up that Xbox might feature new chipset that would let it play Dreamcast games. Both Sega and Microsoft denied the rumors, but with all the wacky stuff going on right now with Sega and other companies it is hard to find truth in the rumors and company statements. But the idea of Xbox being able to play Dreamcast games sounds great...

    Japanese RPGs for the Xbox

    The word out of Japan is that the developer of Playstation 2 RPGs, Idea Factory, is on board to create games for the Xbox. Idea Factory is currenly at work on Generation of Chaos and other titles for the Playstation 2. An announcement is expected at the Tokyo Game Show.

    Spero tanto che la prima cazzata sia vera :)
    Ma anche se non fosse vera a quanto pare Sega ne ha in mente di titoli Xbox e riproporrà sicuramente tutti i capolavori del DC e/o seguiti ;)
    "Centoventi volte tu risorgi e spari. Centoventi volte tu non crolli e avanzi."

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