1. Demotivato dal troppo entusiasmo  
        Mi trovi su: Homepage #3429797
    ...a Sega Europe. Quoto dalla "intervista" al produttore europeo di Outtriger pubblicata sul sito ufficiale:

    "Four-player head-to-head - an acceptable alternative to online combat?

    Four-player spilt screen has always been an acceptable alternative - we just need bigger TVs at affordable prices! There are too many questions about the online experience in Europe: most of them have been discussed before but the only plus I can see with Outtrigger online is that you get the screen to yourself. Realistically, wouldn't you rather see your mates squirm with frustration as you blow them away in a 6-0-0-0 deathmatch? And you can hear them scream..."


  E il premio "faccia di tolla" va...


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