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    L'aticolo si chiama X-factor ed è un'analisi della situazione delle tre console sul sito di attualità della Microsoft.Vi quoto le cose più salienti:

    “The result: a game console that’s expensive to manufacture, a bulky, awkward controller that few seem to like and an underwhelming lineup of launch games.”
    “And even though Microsoft claims that Xbox is three times more powerful than PS2, major game publishers say all three systems are in roughly the same class.”

    “Although there are differences in graphical quality from platform to platform, there is no game that we have in development for Xbox that we can’t also make on PS2 or Gamecube,” says Activision CEO Robert Kotick.

    “What Microsoft failed to take into account was that while it may be easier to make a game for Xbox, it isn’t easier to make a great game for Xbox than for PS2 or Gamecube. Great games take time—something that the problem-plagued development of Xbox clearly hasn’t given many game designers.”

    “And here’s proof that on Xbox, as with every system before, the reality never lives up to the rhetoric: all the games exhibit jagged lines and slowdown—despite the Xboys’ statements that such problems would be relics of the past.”

    “So what’s the verdict? If you’ve already preordered an Xbox, enjoy. If you have to have the latest and greatest technology, feel free to stand on line on the 15th. If you already have a PS2, stay the course, because this Christmas’s lineup of Grand Theft Auto 3, Jak and Daxter, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Devil May Cry is unparalleled on any system”


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    Alice sorrise: “Non ha senso tentare”, disse, “non si possono credere cose impossibili” “Direi piuttosto che non hai molta pratica”, disse la Regina, “quando ero più giovane, lo facevo sempre per mezzora al giorno. Alcune volte ho creduto fino a sei

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