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    Halo (Xbox)
    Developed by Bungie
    Published by Microsoft
    Friday, November 09, 2001

    Pros: Awe-inspiring visuals; stellar story; great vehicle support; superior A.I.; the list goes on...

    Cons: Rare occurrences of choppy frame rates; somewhat anti-climactic ending...

    Graphics - 99% - Oh my god, its full of stars...
    Sound - 99% - Best enjoyed on your stereo
    Gameplay - 95% - Good controls and loads of fun
    Longevity - 90% - Solid replay value
    Innovation - 95% - Taking the FPS genre to new levels
    Stability - 90% - Minor frame rate issues

    TOTAL SCORE: 95%

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  [XBOX] HALO recensito da Voodoo Extreme


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