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    " Dead or Alive 3 certainly looks impressive. The characters are very well animated (though no differently than in Dead or Alive 2) and incredibly detailed--especially their faces, their clothing, and their articulated hands, although they do look a bit too glossy."

    e anche gli sfondi pare che non siano male

    "Not all the backgrounds in Dead or Alive 3 look that great (simplified backgrounds are used for the tag team matches), but the larger ones found in the story mode can be downright gorgeous. These huge arenas, complete with multiple levels, realistic lighting effects, and tons of detail,"

    qui a qualcuno prende un'ulcera :)))

    "capably demonstrate the sheer power of the Xbox--evidently more power than any other home system to date"

    Ma tantè, penso di aver fatto bene a non prendere il giochillo
    il ritorno dei castori a fine 2007? perchè no?

  DOA3 ... ma la grafica, personaggi compresi ...


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