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    Sono state rilasciate due interessanti interviste riguardanti il mondo di Tomb Raider e Lara Croft..

    Una riguarda Angelina Jolie la star del film Tomb Raider 2 e l'altra addirittura Adrian Smith Presidente della Core Design che riporta domande formulate dagli appartenenti al forum LCO .

    Riportiamo i testi integrali , seguiranno poi resoconti in italiano e commenti sugli stessi .
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    An On-Location Interview with Angelina Jolie

    Breaking from the action with the star of Tomb Raider 2.

    March 13, 2003 - Angelina Jolie's in a chipper mood. Not simply because she's performing many of her own stunts, and pressing the powers that be to allow her to do more, as she likes. Not because the expectations of the first Tomb Raider are no longer on her shoulders. And not because she's in the groove of playing Lara Croft, digital adventurer turned big-screen icon (whose need for speed, or heights, isn't too far removed from Jolie's). Most likely it's because this globetrotting adventure, Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life, is almost at a close and a break in the production storm is only few days on the horizon.

    Keeping up the pace, Jolie has just jogged from the 007 stage to the nearby Stanley Kubrick building, and a corner production office. The office happens to be home to more than a few of the set designer's miniatures, including the Hong Kong set and the film's namesake Cradle of Life set. There's also a miniature version of the Luna Temple set, the life-size version of which Jolie was on mere moments ago. She's in the middle of filming a scene in that partially submerged underground temple, where the crew is now hard at work setting up the next shot. In her Lara Croft skin-tight silver pants, straps and gear, with her hair braided, pulled back and wetted (the scene has water leaking from cracks in the Temple's ceiling), Jolie catches her breath for a moment, and glances back toward the doorway. "I was just, you know... I'm in the middle of doing it. It's just me jumping around, it's not my being nervous," she kids. On a movie set, so the saying goes: hurry up and wait. Add to it: unless they need you, then run. Meaning she could be pulled away from us any moment at Director Jan de Bont's beckoning to resume her perilous (yet safety-harnessed) climb over the set's tilted, 30 ft. statue of Alexander the Great.

    On some imported chairs (from another office), amid the miniatures, we set in for a chat about what makes Ms. Croft, and Tomb Raider 2, tick.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

    Q: Producer Lloyd Levin told us that there's a lot more complexity to the character this time around. Can you talk about that?

    ANGELINA JOLIE: Yeah, there was a lot that had to be established in the first one. And so we didn't have all lot of time to get into who she was, and what she fears, and what she loves, and what makes her laugh, and what she finds sexy. (She smiles bashfully.) And all the things that just make for an interesting film. So it's been great to explore all of those things and put her in situations where she's forced to kind of come out of her stoic exterior. I think we get to know her much more.

    Q: How much more physically taxing is the stunt work with this second film? I mean, there's a lot more stunt work, and a lot more sort of variety and stuff. How much more physically taxing has it been for you to perform in these situations?

    JOLIE: Well, I don't know if I'm getting used to it, or maybe I am getting used to it. It seems fun, and I still love it and it's fun. It's different now. There is more of a variety of things and it's (here she has to stop to adjust the belt that she's wearing, somewhat cumbersome, as if an example of what she's explaining) – it's taxing. Personally I don't like the water, and I've had to spend a lot of time in it (she says with a laugh), but it's just something... something that's not one of my favorite things. But I've loved all the things with the animals, and I've loved the heights. So, there are some favorite things and favorite days, and then there are days where it's a bit tedious. But it's all a great job at the end of the day and it's all a fun adventure.

    Q: What's been your favorite day so far?

    JOLIE: Hmmm... (She looks upward with a smile, and puts her hand to her chin.) I liked the horseback riding a lot. There's a lot of trick horse riding. That, and kendo with Hillary (played by Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie). It was very funny. It was just fun.

    Q: Lloyd showed us the skydive sequence. Now what were you thinking about doing that scene? Did you actually get to go up to the top of the building under construction?

    JOLIE: Uh huh! Yeah, I think everybody's got their things that make them uncomfortable ... I happen to be personally very happy when I'm dealing with heights. Which is fortunate for this. So I loved it. I thought I was lucky that I got to get [up there]. (She motions with her hands as if to exemplify being close to the edge of the building's edge.) There were a lot of issues about me going too close to the edge and all that.

    Q: Have you ever skydived apart from working on a film?

    JOLIE: Yes. Pretty amazing.

    Q: Did you want to do that base-jumping yourself?

    JOLIE: (She laughs.) Yes.

    Q: Had you brought it up that you'd like to do it?

    JOLIE: I'd just like to do it. But ... certain aspects of that are a real skill, and there's permits and everything. So, part of a dive I might be able to do, in a different way outside of getting in the air one way or the other.

    Q: What did they say when you asked them to do it?

    JOLIE: I think they expected that of me. And they just said, "Can we talk about it later, please?" And, "Can we just, um, get off the building!" (She laughs.)

    Q: Do you have any accidental injuries, you know, from doing stunts or more stuff?

    JOLIE: Yes. I do. I'm missing a slight piece of my right elbow.

    Q: How did that happen?

    JOLIE: On a boat. Boat collision. And, a shotgun shell went in my eye, but that was more of a funny thing that didn't... that just stopped us for a bit. You know what I mean. It wasn't like a burn or anything. It just kind of stalled us for a few hours.

    Q: Do you feel anything when comes to doing these stunts and action sequences?

    JOLIE: Yeah, it's a period of a point of stupidity (she says with a laugh). Yeah. I like it. I think it makes me... it makes me feel very alive and happy. I'm very happy and very excited when my adrenalin is going.

    Q: Now did you actually swim with sharks?

    JOLIE: (She looks away for a moment, as if we've stumbled on a secret subject.) That is also a point of discussion. But we've done certain things that are in the beginnings without the sharks, and now they're... There still [considering it]. But it's not [really dangerous]... it's fun. It's not unsafe to swim with the sharks. So I think it's just a matter of getting sharks in the middle of England, too. (She laughs.) Do you know what I mean? But it's quite safe to swim with certain sharks I think as long as you're not bleeding. (That elicits a small amount of nervous laughter from the journalists.) Which is why [Lara] slices herself in order to attract them. You know, if they smell blood they'll... but if they don't, they're sort of fine. (She shrugs her shoulders.)

    Q: So you're still discussing whether or not they will let you do that?

    JOLIE: Yes. I'd like to. It was one of my fantasies, so that was one of the things I requested. But now they can do all these magic things with computers. So you think you get to do something in a movie and you find out you don't get to really do it.

    Q: You don't really expect them to let you swim with sharks?

    JOLIE: I don't know. I might, maybe when the film's over, go and bring a camera. (She laughs.) I think we've been discussing that [TV show] Fear Factor. We've been discussing and maybe I can do an episode for the opening of the film, then I could do all the things I want to do... there. You know, their way. Surrounded by producers.

    Q: Could you discuss working with Jan de Bont, the pre-planning? I mean, he's an action film guy, he's done that stuff.

    A knock is heard on the open door behind Ms. Jolie, and it's the second assistant director, with a walkie-talkie and earpiece headphone, talking for a moment to the first assistant director on set. At this point I was thinking we'd have to pick things up later, if ever, considering how busy everyone is.

    "Ah, got to go now!" Jolie exclaims.

    "Terribly sorry to interrupt. And we're ready," he says.

    "OK. I'll be there in a moment," she replies.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------

    JOLIE: (Turning back to the subject at hand.) Well, we came into this one with a very solid script. And had a lot of... there were a lot of things planned out very early on with a lot of lead-time. The majority of the crew, 90% of the crew is the exact same, so a lot of the sets being designed and built, and wardrobe and all of that was worked on very early. [Jan] is very, I don't know. I don't ... watch dailies. (She laughs.) [Although] I've heard it's all coming along very well, so he's obviously doing a very good job.

    Q: How are you with the wardrobe this time round?

    JOLIE: Very good! Yeah, we had a great [time]. We tried to mature her, make things a little more interesting.

    Q: That skydive shot was pretty well done.

    JOLIE: Yeah, that was Simon Crane. There is our stunt coordinator. Shot that.

    Q: He was on the first film, too?

    JOLIE: Yes. He's wonderful, wonderful.

    Q: So is he the one who says you can or cannot do this?

    JOLIE: Simon? Yes. Simon. You can ask Simon about his issues with me. Simon's great. But Simon checks to make sure I haven't unscrewed a safety.

    Q: How much training did you have to do for this film? I mean, did you have to do intensive practicing for weeks on end?

    JOLIE: No. But there's a lot of the, um... there's this stand-up Jet Ski that is harder than it looks. So I kept saying, "Can't you find something that's easier than it looks, something that looks very hard and is very easy?" (She laughs.) [For training] it was that, and there was a lot of the kendo. There's this big rifle drill, and it was very fun to learn, but it's the very specific military, 27-point thing. So that kind of stuff, and just a lot of the physical training. Last time it was a lot and it was a lot of just getting me into kind of this type of personality. Now it was more precise: underwater gun work or stick fighting or rifles. It was just getting a little more. I know how to do certain things, and they just assume I can do that. (She laughs.) Which cracks me up.

    Q: How painful was it, this film?

    JOLIE: It's not bad. I don't know, I think I'm just, you know, I'm happy. I'm a mom now (she adds with an all-knowing smile) so nothing is more exhausting. So my training is not, you know, I mean it's really all... it's all fun.

    Q: What's the difference in the feel of the film this time around? Lloyd described the first film as being more cartoony for you as an actress. But what about this time?

    JOLIE: That the first one was more cartoony... Yes. The first one. I wouldn't say cartoony, but it was fantasy-like, you know. I think we had to walk that fine line of [Lara Croft having] been in the game and then introducing her to being real. And now, we can just make for that much more human and that much more dark, or harder. I think also for me there was that first time I had to walk out in shorts and some tight outfit. And I personally just found that really uncomfortable. And now I kind of, you know, I don't mind. And I've gotten into enjoying being her, whereas last time I think it was little... I still found it ridiculous when it looked in the mirror. And now I still do but I'm enjoying it.

    Q: What's different about that for Tomb Raider 2?

    JOLIE: Well I think now she's more of a woman. Now she's sexier to me. We've added things and changed her a bit, so she's, um... she's a little less cute and she's a lot more aggressive.

    Q: How much influence have you had in the way that she's developed?

    JOLIE: A lot. Just simply with sitting around figuring out what it was that she feared a lot, or what it was that she loved, and I think they assumed that I would know that because there's other things that she and I have in common.

    Q: Is there a particular area where you have a lot in common with her?

    JOLIE: Yes, I think we both love adventure. We're both slightly nuts (and with that comment, of course, she laughs). We both have relationship issues (she continues laughing) and find ourselves alone. That seems to suit us. She's a fighter, and I'm very happy when I'm fighting for something I believe in, and I will fight all-out for something I care about. What she fears is very similar to mine which is something happening to somebody she loves, or being confined.

    Q: Did she have maybe a slightly different motivation for this film, story-wise? Or is it still, just wanting to go out and do the adventure?

    JOLIE: There's a reason: the enemies are better in this one. There are quite a few. And so part of it is certainly if [Pandora's Box] gets into the wrong hands. There's that and what that is. And so protecting [everyone] from that. But also, yes, Bryce and Hillary are pulled also more into the story, and if they're at risk that's obviously a big thing to her. And she does have (she smiles) romantic issues or some kind of issues with the men in this film. So you see the woman, kind of. There are different motives. But at the end of the day I do think she loves the adventure.

    -------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------

    When Angelina Jolie is working on a film it's a catch-her-if-you-can situation, so we were fortunate to have caught her when we could. The second assistant director is waiting at the door. Shifting her mental gears to playing Lara and returning to that action in the Luna Temple, she adjusts her belt and says, "I better get back."

    -- Steve Head IGN.com
    Special Thanks to Trinity34
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    LCO Interview With Adrian Smith

    Exclusive Interview With Adrian Smith President of Core Design with some questions forum members have

    been asking for some time. Hope this Interview provides you with some answers.

    Special Thanks to Gary Reading and Adrian Smith for taking the time out of their

    very busy schedules.

    Hi Adrian,

    I want to thank you for this opportunity to ask you a few questions and to finally get to say hello to you.

    For about a year or so I have been gathering questions from the fans in my forum and would like your

    Thoughts on the most frequently asked as well as a few of my own. You must be tired of the same

    AOD questions so I thought I’d ask a few different ones.

    1. The fans really miss Lara's Home. Will we see a new updated home and assault course in the next?

    Version or part 2 of Angel Of Darkness?

    We certainly haven’t got rid of Lara’s mansion but we are still undecided really as to when we could use it again.

    Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness and the following games have already been written, so the reappearance of the house will only happen when its


    Can you imagine how good it would look though with the new engine?

    2. Many Lara Croft fans are dressing up as Lara Croft and have a hard time finding authentic clothing.

    Would Core Design consider starting an online Tomb Raider Clothes and accessories store?

    We have had " Lara C" merchandise for a while but an actual outfit is not something that we’ve ever considered.

    There are many look-alikes out there and they do a great job, but whether they could create enough demand to mass produce a Lara outfit is doubtful.

    As we communicate with some of them, I get the impression that half of their enjoyment is actually creating the costumes themselves anyway, and

    also trying to be the most realistic.

    3. Lara Croft has evolved over the years and has become the most realistic looking to date.

    As the games progress and technology with it will Lara's evolution follow suit?

    Also could there ever be a CGI movie made perhaps not for the big screen but for television?

    I hope that the screenshots that have been released show how much progress we have made with her look.

    Her evolution will certainly improve the detailing of her look and it will make her movements more realistic but we aren’t trying to achieve photo realism.

    For us Lara is a fantasy figure and we want to keep that image. We can make her facial expressions more realistic, as well as her lip syncing but we

    are not heading for a CGI movie or ultimate realism.

    We are very happy for games to take the player into a fantasy world, rather than a simulator and the future games will reflect that belief.

    4. There is a new generation of TR fans as well as the old die-hard fans as myself.

    This past year the 96' game of Resident Evil was re done for Game Cube and the graphics

    Were astounding and sold pretty well. PC gaming has become a challenge on older games

    Since windows XP and the classic TR games especially Tomb Raider One, which was dos, based

    Requires Glidos or patches to run. I think it would be a fantastic idea to farm out the old classic

    TR games 1-5 as a gold series for sale in between AOD games with the new redone Lara and

    Engine. I have done many surveys and people would definitely be glad to buy the new game with

    The updated graphics for PC & PS2 and other consoles as game cube and xbox.

    Could it become a possibility to see TR 1 redone like Resident Evil in the future?

    We are very aware of how good Res Evil looked on Gamecube and it is an interesting concept no doubt.

    We only have eyes for the next installments after Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness though and until we are satisfied that we have reached the full potential then we can’t even look at other options.

    Core knows where we want to take Lara and to us, for the foreseeable future, that is the most important consideration.

    If and when we feel we satisfied with what we have done, then we may look at other concepts, whether they be a re working of the old games or more of the new Lara.

    5. Another question fans have been asking is for an updated level editor. I understand the new game

    Was made with Maya and would be a task to make a toned down editor. Yet as seen by the existing

    Editor it has really kept TR fans busy by playing fan made levels. I think down the road it's

    An item to be considered to keep the TR fans happy.

    Have you considered a new editor at some point for the TR fans?

    We have been very impressed by the level editor’s community and their contribution to the prolonged success of the series. Some of their levels are fantastic, but we won’t be releasing a new level editor in the foreseeable future.

    We are solely concentrating on getting the next game in the series developed and all else comes second place I’m afraid.

    I can’t rule out anything for the future but it is not something that we are thinking about at the moment.

    5. People in the forum have asked about online gaming and TR can be difficult to play online in a

    Multi-player format since everyone would want to be Lara or Kurtis. Perhaps an online Lara's Home

    With an assault course with a choice of outfits would suffice for now as a start.

    What do you think?

    When we sat down to consider our options with the games we were all excited about what on line gaming could do for us and the Tomb Raider series.

    We have considered "add ons" that could be placed on line such as extra levels or in depth information on characters but we have been largely unable to fulfill our ideas due to a few reasons.

    Firstly, on-line capabilities are limited in many places, especially broadband coverage in many European countries, so the problems are obvious.

    Secondly, and as you kindly point out, we have taken a very long time in developing this game as when we started it was relatively unknown territory for us. It is hard enough trying to create the environments, characters and installing the AI, without the need to add extra on-line levels and downloads.

    It is something that we’d like to include in future games, but how and when we do it will depend on a lot of outside factors.

    The assault course is a good idea, but to get people hooked I think we’d need to build something on a grander scale, for replay ability and difficulty; we wouldn’t want to make it easy for you now would we?

    6. With the delay of Angel Of Darkness the usual November timeline has changed. Will we see a

    Second Installment of AOD before Christmas this year to get back on track?

    Obviously, when we started our intentions were to try and bring a game out a year after the release of Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness, in line with the past games.

    As it stands I don’t really have an answer for you, we are not sure when it will get released but it certainly won’t take as long as this game did!

    7. Finally TR fans have asked for a collection of TR music from all the games on CD. People would

    Love to listen to all the great TR songs in their homes and in their cars.

    Is there any possibility of making a TR collection of music?

    Unfortunately for legal reasons we can’t actually release the music for retail purposes, although a CD of the music will be available in some territories in special edition boxes.

    The TR fans are anxiously awaiting AOD and have patiently and understandingly for the most part appreciate

    The care that Core Design has put into the new game and understands a delay has only meant a better more

    Perfected game. If there is one thing I can say for all the hard working people at Core Design I'd like to say

    Thanks for always putting out a great game and always adding that touch of class to everything you do.

    Thank you for taking some time to answer these questions for the TR fans and hope to see you in LCO Chat

    One day! Regards,Tom (Wb LCO)
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    bellissime! sapevo quasi tutto.. quella di adrian non aggiunge molto, chi ha letto la guida al mondo di tomb raider nelle due antologie sapeva già tutto...

    cmq per un attimo ho avuto paura di aver pers una chat con adrian da LCO, invece erano "solo" delle FAQ.. infine.. mi chiedo.. chissà quali custom level games gli saranno piaciuti.. "alcuni sono fantastici"... spero che non mi deluda proprio su questo.. menomale che non si fanno nomi in questi casi :)

    per quanto riguarda la casa di Lara.. sembra che questa domanda rimarrà fissa nella mente di alcuni.. quelli della Core hanno risposto almeno venti volte (NON CI SARA' NESSUNA CASA DI LARA in TRAOD e successivi, ammeno di non inserirla, ma la trama è già scritta e fissata!!!), ma ancora hanno il coraggio di ri-farla e sprecarla in un'occasione come quella di aver Adrian Smith a rispondere...
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    :( :( la data non la dice, 014 di veramente interessante dice solo dell'uscita( ma quando??)di tutta la saga TR (come diremmo per la musica)_rimasterizzata- così la potremo giocare senza problemi di ME,XP, Glidos, etc...
    ROBERTO,DOVE SEI??Torna a casa!! 053

    <small>[ 21.03.2003, 08:17: Message edited by: Gloria ]</small>
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    Psiko ...Un Elogio ai Level Designer . Un nuovo EDITOR di livelli non è nelle previsioni e probabilmente si avrebbe bisogno di una versione magari light di MAYA per costruirli :P

    Poi un gioco on line di TOMB RAIDER Tr 6 , dove si assume l'identità di Kurtis o LARA ..non appare realmente possibile :O , più probabile invece l apossibilità sin dal'inizio di scegliere il personaggio con cui giocare.

    A. Smith afferma :

    Stiamo studiando la possibilità di poter integrare al gioco The angel of Darkness dei livelli aggiuntivi scaricabili tramite internet..( sul tipo di quando avvene per Tr 1 Gold e Tr 2 gold )
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    I fans di TR hanno chiesto una collezione di musica di TR composta dalle musiche di tutti i episodi da ascoltare a casa propria o in automobile. Risposta di A . SMITH ... Purtroppo per motivi legali non possiamo rilasciarla per scopi di questo genere.., anche se un CD musicale sarà disponibile in alcuni PAESI ( speriamo anche l'ITALIA :rolleyes: )in speciali confezioni in edizione speciale.
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    Io sinceramente della casa di Lara non ne sento affatto la mancanza, preferisco che quello spazio sul cd sia occupato da un livello completamente nuovo. wink

    Per le versioni rimasterizzate, ricordo che se ne parlava già dai tempi di TR4 (almeno di quella di TR1, qualcuno si ricorda del progetto Tomb Raider 2000?), ma mi sembra di capire che per ora non se ne parla... peccato.

    Il cd con le musiche me lo son fatto da me. wink ..

    <small>[ 22.03.2003, 11:55: Message edited by: Peter Croft ]</small>

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