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    Jolie Visits Sudanese Refugees in Egypt
    Angelina Jolie Visits Sudanese Refugees in Egypt As Part of U.N. Goodwill Mission

    The Associated Press

    CAIRO, Egypt Dec. 30 — Hollywood star Angelina Jolie visited a Sudanese refugee camp on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital Monday, distributing winter clothes, blankets and toys.
    The Oscar-winning actress, who was in Egypt as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, toured the Kilo Arbaa We Nus camp outside Cairo with Egyptian film star and fellow goodwill ambassador Adel Imam, the UNHCR said in a statement.

    Jolie also donated US$20,000 to build a community health center in the crowded camp, which houses tens of thousands of African refugees, mostly from war-torn Sudan, the statement said.

    Jolie spoke about the importance of improving living standards at refugee camps, saying that refugees "are not just beneficiaries of assistance, but, if given the chance, they are also contributing members of the host society," the statement said.

    According to official estimates from 2001, roughly 200 Sudanese arrive in Cairo each week, streaming easily over their country's shared border with Egypt. Many hope to secure temporary asylum in Egypt before resettling in the West, while many others stay on illegally, facing hard living conditions in already overpopulated Egypt and few job prospects. Some turn to prostitution or drug dealing.

    Jolie, a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. refugee agency since 2001, won a supporting-actress Oscar for 1999's "Girl, Interrupted." Her movies also include the "Lara Croft" films and the recently released "Beyond Borders."
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    Angelina è ambasciatrice di benevolenza presso l' ONU . Chissà un giorno potrebbe intervenire in un nostro futuro mega raduno e pubblicizzare questa azione umanitaria che lei svolge in tutti i paesi colpiti da fame e carestie .
    Auguri anche a TE Angelina ! 006
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    grande idea Roberto!! Secondo me se il raduno fosse proprio mega...

    approfitto del topic aperto per postare una notizia dell'impegno umanitario di Angelina sul fronte d'un "altro tipo di rifugiati" di cui oggi non si parla più: gli indiani d'america. Come molti di voi sapranno la stessa Angelina ha sangue indiano nelle vene...e come scrive nei suoi diari..."anche i padri fondatori americani erano dei rifugiati, gli indiani lo sono diventati..."

    Angelina Jolie's gift rescues Indian ride

    By Jomay Steen, Journal Staff Writer

    WOUNDED KNEE -- With 118 riders circling their mounts for final prayers and ceremonies on Monday, American Indians concluded of one of the biggest Big Foot memorial rides.

    A donation of $10,000 from Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie helped to support the Big Foot Memorial Ride as it entered the Pine Ridge Reservation.

    After the Oglala Sioux Tribe suffered a budget deficit this fall, the tribe cut expenses, which included support for basketball games, powwows and social events. On the chopping block was a traditional feed at the end of the Big Foot Ride.

    But like her superhero alter-ego, Laura Croft, it was Jolie to the rescue. "She donated $10,000; of that, $9,000 went out to the nine districts to buy dinners and gifts," Eileen Janis, assistant treasurer said.

    The Big Foot Memorial Ride received $1,000 for food, transportation and hay. "She had contacts who told her about the ride," Janis said.

    Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe member Dana Dupris stepped off his horse into one of the coldest days of the 14-day ride on Dec. 29. But even with the extreme cold, snow and high winds, he said it was worth it.

    "It's a chance to remember the suffering of our ancestors' last days," Dupris, 48, said.

    The American Indian riders from Standing Rock, Cheyenne River and Pine Ridge reservations experienced the beauty of the land, the changing landscapes and the magnificent sunsets that no camera can capture.

    But the 300-mile ride commemorates the tribal bands of Sitting Bull and Big Foot as they journeyed to Pine Ridge after tribal police killed Sitting Bull.

    What awaited Dupris' ancestors, their final destiny, was a mass grave at Wounded Knee.

    "I ride because our relatives were massacred at Wounded Knee, but the second reason is to educate the younger people in our community about our culture," Dupris said.

    Betty High Elk, 43, of Green Grass started the ride at Bull Head, Sitting Bull's last camp.

    She had been a rider several years before, but this year, she worked as a support person, cooking dinners and lunches for the riders.

    High Elk served up 200 pounds of beef and an entire buffalo. Every day, supporters served 50 pounds of mashed potatoes and four sheet cakes. One certainty about the ride was that people arrived hungry at the chow line.

    "I started out with a 25 pound roast, two turkeys, and it went like that," High Elk said, snapping her fingers.

    The event goes through a lot of food, grain and gas, but it's something they plan for and sacrifice for, she said.

    "What you're riding for on that day — you pray and think of the people," High Elk said.
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    Angelina buys cows for farmers

    Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is funding a programme to donate cows to poverty-stricken Cambodian farmers.
    The plan is part of her nature conservation project in the country. Under the programme, 300 families will get one cow each to help them earn money -- hopefully dissuading them from logging and hunting wildlife for their living -- said Mounh Sarath, director of the Cambodian Vision in Development project.

    Jolie is giving the organisation US$1.5 million (£840,458) for its environmental protection efforts in remote parts in northwestern Cambodia.

    The project aims to protect about 60,000 hectares (148,200 acres) of forest in the Samlaut and Pailin areas, both former strongholds of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime that ruled Cambodia in 1975-79.

    Jolie, 28, is having a house built in Cambodia. She fell in love with the country when part of her film "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" was shot at its famed Angkor temple complex.

    The 300 cows will cost a total US$36,000 (£20,170), Mounh Sarath said, adding that each family can keep the cow and its first calf.

    "Whenever the second calf is born, they will give it to our organisation to pass over to another family," he said.

    Mounh Sarath said the overall conversation project is going well, with offices, guesthouses and a vocational training centre being built.

    Jolie spent a night at one of the guesthouses during a secret visit in mid-October, Mounh Sarath said.

  Jolie Visits Sudanese Refugees in Egypt


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