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    QUESTA FAQ..potrebbe risolvere bene i problemi di quelli a cui compare la scritta ..

    "sys_error_d3d errors on a card that should support it"

    General troubleshooting View for Printing
    11 July, 2003

    If you seem to be having video problems or sys_error_d3d errors on a card that should support it, please try changing your settings as follows:

    in the first menu screen pre-game, go to SETTINGS.

    Make sure the first page is set to Active and Fast.

    Then on the second tab (your graphics card options) go to the Options box and untick all the options apart from the FMV option if available.

    Underneath that option, change the texture from Trilinear, to Bilinear and then quality actors and room to Average.

    Uncheck all the boxes underneath that such as Shadows, reflections and Renders.

    Click on the Sound tab and make sure it is set to "Always use Windows Default Device"

    we recommend disabling the Mouse as Tomb Raider can be played with the Keyboard only.

    Disable any further devices after the Keyboard tab by unchecking their "enable" box.

    Press OK and try the game again.

    If you still have problems, please contact our support service.

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