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    La Paramount Pictures conferma l´uscita del trailer di 2´30" relativo al film Lara Croft : The Cradle of Life con Angelina Jolie . Lo spot verrà immesso anche nel circuito internet in esclusiva Yahoo oltre che in visione nei cinema e TV degli Stati Uniti. Anteprima oggi su Acess Hollywood . vedremo LARA Jolie combattere su mezzi modernissimi nel tentativo di scoprire il segreto di Atlantide e del vaso di Pandora :cool:
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    Heyi...Roby sono con una finestra aperta sul sito di TRmovie da questa mattina
    Non vedo l'ora che caricano il file da scaricare...ogni tanto faccio reload x vedere se lo hanno aggiornato....!!! :D :P

    il sito è americano vero? bhe... certo ora per loro saranno le 2 o le 3 del mattino....ancora troppo presto!

    NON STO + NELLA PELLE GENTEEE!!!! eek! 018 006

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    mmm ora giro il web per vedere se ci sono novità a riguardo ...intanto leggete questo..

    Angelina Rocks the 'Cradle'

    March 25, 2003
    ANGELINA JOLIE returns as Lara Croft for the second, big-screen adventure based on the popular 'Tomb Raider' videogame series. Tonight on ET, get your first look at 'Lara Croft and the Cradle of Life: Tomb Raider 2,' and hear Angelina's take on juggling motherhood while making the movie!

    "There's nothing else that's more important," Angelina told our own MARK STEINES about her new role as a mom. "I'm very, very fortunate."

    The first 'Tomb Raider' film grossed nearly $300 million worldwide and had the biggest opening ever for a film with a female star. Angelina says that the new film, due out this summer, is "sharper and darker and sexier." The production globetrots from Wales to Greece, China, Africa and even to the top of a live volcano!

    Once again, Angelina is doing many of her own stunts, including riding a horse side-saddle, rapelling face-forward down a cliff wall, riding motorcycles and Jet Skiing. "I'd never ridden a Jet Ski, and I had a lot of practice, [but the producers] always make it more complicated. So it was stand-up Jet Skis, which took me a few days of constantly falling and getting frustrated," she says. "We started [shooting] in Greece, which was great, except I hate water and I hate bikinis. So we started this film with my worst possible day as an actress -- which is me Jet Skiing in a bikini in the water in Greece.

    Now that she's a mother (she adopted baby MADDOX last year in Cambodia, where she shot on location for the first film), Angelina is a "slight bit more careful" with her stunts. "I check safety things a little bit more than I used to, now that Maddox is here."

    So how has motherhood affected the Oscar-winning actress? "It's wonderful. It's just the most amazing thing in the world," she says. "He's changed my life. He's really centered me. Anytime I think anything else is important, I just see his smile. He's made me be the best person I could possibly be."

    Also starring GERARD BUTLER as Lara's new love interest, DJIMON HOUNSOU and the returning NOAH TAYLOR, 'Tomb Raider 2' is directed by action maestro JAN DE BONT, best known for 'Speed' and 'Twister.' The film is slated for release July 25

    Source : etonline.com

  Paramount conferma trailer TR 2 per il 26 Marzo


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