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    Intanto scarica sta patch per win XP


    Tr 1 è un gioco programmato in DOS
    esiste il programma GLIDOS di Paul Gardiner che fa miracoli e lo rende anche più bello graficamente .
    Le versioni più recenti si scaricano dal sito :


    clicca a sinistra su download e poi To download v1.24 of Glidos, click here, and select "Save to disk". Once the download is complete, double-click the file "Glidos_v1_24.exe" to install Glidos leggi anche le istruzioni per Xp ..

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    If you have Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, then things are a little more complicated: you must install Tombraider using the command prompt; from the Start menu click
    Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt
    Then, very important, you must put the command window into fullscreen mode (first see the warning on the home page about GeForce cards). To do so, right click the command window's taskbar icon and click "properties". Within the dialog box that appears, click the "Screen" tab, click "Full-screen" and then "Apply". You should now have a completely black screen with a command prompt at the bottom. Now you can perform the installation by typing:
    cd \
    That assumes your cd drive is E:. Alter the letter appropriately to suite your computer.
    Again you have the problem of setting up the sound card. Under Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP it is better not to use the legacy drivers that come with your sound card. I strongly recommend you download VDMSound. It is free, can be installed with a single click and seems to work with all DOS games and all sound cards. If you use VDMSound then you need to add one more command to the above procedure:


    and you need to provide slightly different sound card settings during installation:
    Soundcard: SoundBlaster
    Port: 220
    DMA: 1
    IRQ: 7

    When first using VDMSound, you may find a "hints" box pops up. You must disable that before running Glidos, otherwise it will pop up behind the Glidos window and make it look as though your computer has crashed.
    With installation complete, you can close the command prompt, either by typing "exit" or by pressing the "Alt" and "Enter" keys together, which puts the command prompt back into windowed mode, and then closing the window.

    Play Tombraider in grotty-graphics mode to check the installation
    For Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME, you can run Tombraider just by openning the "C:\Tombraid" folder and double-clicking "tomb.exe". You may find that just placing the CD in the drive makes it autostart, but I've always found it better to select "EXIT" in that case and start it by double-clicking, otherwise the sound may not work.
    As for installation, things are a little more complicated under Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. In fact, now that Glidos includes VESA support, you may be better skipping this stage; it is quite possible that Tomb Raider will not work in grotty-grpahics mode, but will work perfectly with Glidos. If you do run Tomb Raider without Glidos then you need to start Tombraider from a fullscreen command prompt. So follow the instructions above for obtaining the prompt, and type:

    cd \Tombraid
    The "dosdrv" command is necessary only if you are using VDMSound. This is good chance to make sure that the VDMSound "hints" box is disabled.
    Download and install Glidos
    Just go to the download page and click the link to the latest Glidos_vXX.exe file, save it to disc and double-click it to start the install process. The installer will put a shortcut on your desktop, unless you tell it not to. Under Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you may have to install Glidos using an account with administrator privileges. I haven't experimented with this yet, so I'm not sure.
    Don't try to run Glidos yet. It won't work until you complete the next step
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    Ciao Verner, se hai difficoltà ad eseguire tutta la procedura in DOS, scaricato Glidos, scaricati anche il Wizard qui :http://www.laserpoint.freeserve.co.uk/TRinst.exe, in pochi passaggi ti configura tutto, poi installi Glidos e tutto dovrebbe funzionare. wink

    Dimenticavo.....scaricati ( ed installa ) anche VDMsound da uno dei mirror di questa pag. http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/vdmsound/VDMSound-2.0.4-WinNT-i386.msi?download, quando nel wizard ti chiede come vuoi configurare l'audio, seleziona VDM e procedi fino alla fine. wink

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    Ho già installato tomb raider 1 e non so in quale directory lo ha messo, perciò non so come disinstallarlo e ripetere linstallazione. Potreste dirmi dove lo installa? :D
    Lo installa in C:tombraid. wink
    Comunque se usi il wizard non hai bisogno di disinstallarlo, se proprio vuoi farlo comunque, mi sà che basta che elimini la suddetta cartella. :)

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