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    hanno allestito una sorta di show inerente all'uscita di TR movie The Cradle of Life.

    Paramount Theme Parks present a Tomb Raider Stunt Show to tie in with the new Tomb Raider movie, "Lara Croft Tomb Raider and the Cradle of Life" due out in theaters on July 25th, 2003. The stunt show is on tour to various theme parks throughout the summer. Check your the Paramount Parks main site for dates and locations.

    We were able to catch the stunt show at Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara. As stunt shows go, we enjoyed this one. Not perfect but better than many. I would say that it is just below Universal Studio's quality with explosions, jumps, a some pretty decent fight scenes. As for accuracy, you would think that Paramount could supply more accurate costumes for Lara Croft, but from far away you hardly notice.

    solo in USA fanno ste cose..!!! eek!

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    E' sempre interessante andare a vedere questi oggetti utilizzati per realizzare i film . Ma sarebbe interessantissimo andare a visitare gli Studi cinematografici di Pinewood presso Londra ..
    o andare in Galles dove è stata ricostruita la muraglia Cinese a causa del diniego del governo Cinese a dare autorizzazione per le riprese del film .

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