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    Continua la serie di interviste in attesa dell'uscita di TR AOD.. questa era sul sito The Adrenaline Vault fatta a Mike Schmitt, producer eidos.. nell'intervista si parla in generale di AOD con qualche domanda più specifica e qualche nuovo screen; intanto la riporto, poi la rileggo con calma wink

    Interview by:David Laprad
    Published: March 27

    Darker. Tougher. Edgier. These words are being used to describe Lara Croft as we'll see her in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness this spring. Can publisher Eidos and developer Core Design redeem their pioneering franchise after a string of derivative sequels? Signs pointing to greatly enhanced graphics and gameplay have raised our hopes. Eidos producer Mike Schmitt answers our questions about the third-person action-adventure game.

    Does Angel of Darkness pick up where Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation ended - with Lara possibly buried in a collapsed pyramid with her mentor?

    Not exactly. Angel of Darkness begins with Lara visiting Von Croy in Paris. The time period between The Last Revelation and Angel of Darkness will most likely be explored sometime in the future. Core hasn't decided yet where to reveal Lara's escape from within the Great Pyramid - but her experiences since then have changed her character.

    What inferences are the developers making with the "Angel of Darkness" subtitle?

    It provides hints about Lara's darker and edgier image.

    How much of an occult flavor will Angel of Darkness have?

    Lara has been framed for murder and is at the mercy of the city. Her environments are darker and grittier - and the authorities are pursuing her. The game fuses historical and mystical elements to create a very sinister experience. You'll definitely meet up with some interesting characters along the way!

    How much does Angel of Darkness both draw upon and expand the Tomb Raider gameplay formula?

    It mainly expands upon it. The majority of things Lara could previously do are still present. Core has worked hard to add more gameplay aspects to the series - including areas where stealth must be used and NPCs can be questioned. Her abilities can be upgraded as well.

    Tomb Raider is Lara's world. How are you expecting fans to react to the inclusion of a new playable character?

    Fans have been asking for another playable character since the first game in 1996! We feel Kurtis Trent's presence will add to the experience. It's still Lara's adventure for the most part.

    How will Kurtis be worked into the gameplay? Will his moves differ at all

    Lara meets him early in the game because they're kind of chasing the same thing. It's only later into Angel of Darkness that Kurtis becomes playable. His sections are a bit more action-oriented - with lots of shooting. They share a number of moves - but he has a couple of unique powers and weapons.

    What form will the combat take? The original Tomb Raider featured a highly inventive method for its time - two-fisted auto aiming - that grew to feel confining and problematic in the sequels. Is the gun combat smoother?

    Yes. It's a whole new targeting system. Core will be allowing users to select either manual or auto-targeting.

    What are some of the weapons Lara and Kurtis will yield?
    Angel of Darkness will feature a lot of weapons. Core has been playing around with several weapons - so there won't be a shortage of firepower. We're currently seeing what works best. Kurtis also has a few surprises tied to his telekinetic abilities!

    How deep are the hand-to-hand combat elements?

    Lara has some basic offensive and defensive moves as well as a neck snap and a combo move. The hand-to-hand elements are mainly used when she has no weapons (the earlier part of the game) or when she's using stealth.

    Stealth is all the rage in games - and it certainly makes sense to have it in Tomb Raider. How much stealth craft will be at the player's disposal?

    Lara will need to use it in certain areas - such as when she's sneaking around the Louvre or when she has no weapons early on. It's balanced in nicely and adds to gameplay.

    Do certain situation call for hand-to-hand combat and stealth attacks? Or will the player be able to choose their own approach?

    Certain situations will call for it - but you'll be able to choose your approach. It may be easier to use certain strategies - such as a cautious approach versus going in guns blazing - in certain areas.

    The original Tomb Raider had some truly classic puzzles. What about Angel of Darkness?

    There should be a good combination of puzzles to go along with the action.

    The idea of Lara conducting a true investigation sounds intriguing. How is this being worked into the game?

    Lara will interact in much greater detail with the game's various NPCs. She'll ask them questions and gather clues - among other things. Her style of questioning (passive or aggressive) can determine the items and clues she gets from various NPCs.

    Will Lara's inventory interface be enhanced to accommodate the new adventure elements?

    It'll be quite different from her last adventure. The inventory system will be broken into sections where she'll store her various pickups - including weapons and ammo as well as items and health pickups.

    Being able to improve Lara's abilities is a nice gameplay addition. Will players be able to access different areas or overcome certain challenges easier by developing particular skills?

    Yes. Acquiring the various skill upgrades earlier may enable her to find various secrets and alternate paths later on - though the player will never be penalized if they fail to achieve the upgrades. There'll be certain points within the game where her skills will auto-update in order to proceed.

    Which stats will gamers be able to improve? How is this process integrated into the gameplay?

    Lara will be able to upgrade certain physical abilities - such as her upper and lower body strength - along the way. Finding these upgrades will give the user access to alternate routes and secrets. Other stats available will include some sort of level percentage - such as how many of each type of pickup was found and the total time taken to complete the level.

    What new physical challenges will players encounter?

    The grid system of the old Tomb Raider games is gone. Jumps are a bit more free form now - which makes things much more realistic. Lara now has the ability to free-climb different types of organic surfaces. She also has loads of new moves - and there are areas in the game where she'll need to utilize them.

    What new moves will players be able to perform to overcome these tests of Lara's physical prowess?

    One example is Lara's new belly-crawl. She can basically drop down and go into an Army crawl. This is useful for negotiating the laser alarm beams in the Louvre levels!

    Lara's movements were very mechanical in previous incarnations. Describe the new control systems for the PS2 and the PC.

    The PS2 controls are still being tweaked - but the Dual Analog sticks are now fully a part of the control scheme. You may remember that analog support was added for Tomb Raider III - but it never worked that well. Lara finally has true mouse support on the PC - not just keyboard-only control.

    What are some of the locations players can look forward to visiting?

    Angel of Darkness takes place in Paris and Prague. There are multiple sub areas within these two locations. Expect 25 or so zones spread out over these two locales.

    What nice graphical touches will the environment and characters feature?

    An incredible amount of realistic detail. All the tech behind the game is brand new - and Tomb Raider fans will be ecstatic to see Lara looking so great in the new environments. Angel of Darkness features everything from large outdoor areas (the streets of Paris) to underground caverns (beneath the city) to urban warehouse settings in Prague.

    Has the third-person perspective been improved? Will players have more freedom to view the action as they choose?

    We're definitely keeping the third-person perspective - Tomb Raider invented it - but Core has mixed it up with a number of cinematic camera cuts in various spots to give the game a movie-like feel. Players can also take control of the camera whenever necessary for jumps and other actions.

    Have the vagaries that plagued earlier Tomb Raider titles - such as characters sinking into the walls and the camera seeing through walls - been solved with the new generation engine?

    Better technology means the whole experience is much tighter. No more baddies sinking into stairs.

    How much time will the average gamer need to set aside to complete Angel of Darkness?

    We're estimating 15 to 20 hours. That's more reasonable than past Tomb Raider titles and in-line with today's most popular games.

    Are there different difficulty levels for less skilled players or those who want a tougher challenge?

    There aren't specific difficulty levels - but there are multiple ways to progress through levels based on player upgrades. Some paths will be more difficult than others.

    Does Angel of Darkness contain any multiplayer components?

    Not at this time.

    Where is Angel of Darkness in its development process? When will the game be in stores?

    Core is putting the finishing touches on it now - and we're shooting for a spring release.

    When can players expect an Angel of Darkness demo for PS2? PC?

    I haven't heard about plans for a demo. The team has always worked on a downloadable demo toward the end of the project - when all game systems are complete.

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    Controllo Mouse + Tastiera ? Ottimo!
    Visuale in terza persona? Ottimo!(vorrei vedere...)
    No multiplayer? Peccato!
    Solo 15-20 ore di gioco? Non ci siamo!!
    Uscita in primavera? Speriamo QUESTA Primavera!
    Lara che sferra calci e pugni? Era ora!!

    Che la forza(di Lara) sia con te!
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    We're estimating 15 to 20 hours
    ..veramente dall'intervista ad Adrian Smith sapevo 25 ore di gioco...si vede che l'hanno lavato con PERLARA eek!

    Poi parla anche di una demo ..ma da fare appena è tutto pronto ..speriamo :rolleyes: non esca prima il gioco e poi la demo wink
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    Certo che e' dura aspettare due anni per giocare una o due settimane...
    Non si era parlato di livelli scaricabili da internet? Visto che non ci sara' nessun editor (grande errore questo) spero che magari a fine anno rilascino qualche livello aggiuntivo, un po' come si faceva un tempo con le versioni gold.
    Sarei disposto anche a pagare per un espansione purche' ad un prezzo onesto.
    Non faccio nomi, ma ci sono stati pacchi d'espansione (termine orrendo ma cosi ci capiamo) che costavano poco meno del gioco originale.
    Dovrebbero aver capito gli sviluppatori che parte del successo di un gioco sta nella sua longevita', lo dimostra il successone del level editor ufficiale.
    Speriamo bene...
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    Siamo in attesa di decisioni ufficiali a riguardo . certo che alla Core Eidos dovrebbero considerare molto bene lo sviluppo dei prossimi episodi di Tomb Raider ..in sostanza si parla di un indotto valutabile in 20 - 23 milioni di copie ..escludendo il giro > sporco < :cool:

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