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    Chi è costui ?


    Wbm Lara Croft Online
    vive nel New Jersey U.S.A.

    ecco che dice a proposito di un primo assaggio del gioco ...

    Ciao mamma butta la pasta !

    :... just started the game and am at the begining of the 1st level The Paris Back Streets. I am currently going over
    the gamepad controls at the moment.
    The graphics are absolutley amazing and Lara looks
    stunning. So far I have no problems with the game.
    The only differences so far worth mentioning are how Lara
    moves and the camera angle. Left stick moves Lara and the
    Right is the camera. Hold the L1 and Lara has the usual
    side step. I love having the option to see that game at
    whatever angle I choose really nice touch.
    Will keep you posted on my progress

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    poi la grafica...è incredibile !

    can anyone tell me just how good the Angel of Darkness graphics are? I was impressed by Primal and MGS2's graphics, and I just wanna know if they are better than them ?

    So far the controls are going to take a little getting use to but I like a challenge and I think I'll be fine with practice
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    one of the weirdest things for me is not having to hit action to climb (vaulting, climbing walls, etc).

    and no more step back then run then jump. you kind of have to eye everything now.

    the voices are beautiful. no bad acting or lame lines, at least not yet. graphics are pretty solid too. underwater is especially impressive.

    It's such a different engine that when you start the game you kind of scratch your head and wonder What The Harthingy? is going on, and want to get online and write a threat about how it sucks, but then once you get the hang of it, you find out that its really very awesome.

    I feel a little like im playing a role playing game some of the time tho. running around paris searching for an address so i can talk to someone, blah blah blah.

    i'm still hoping for some vast tombs and blasting action.

    but, the game is young! I only just infilrated the louvre's sewer system.

  L'America e TRAOD , prime impressioni di gioco !


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