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    For those of you that don't know, I had entered an online contest to win tickets to the Cincinnati premiere of The Cradle of Life and I WON! :) So three of my coworkers went with me last night to see it.

    I think everyone knows the locations Lara visits and the main characters are:

    Lara Croft....................big surprise

    Terry Sheridan............ex-British marine who abandoned his men and country. He didn't want to live by other people's rules anymore.

    Bryce & Hillary........friends of Lara

    Reiss.............................bad guy. He is a Nobel Prize winner scientist that has turned bad. Wants Pandora's Box so he can release a plague on the earth where only he has the antidote to save the people who can afford to buy it. Sound like Mission Impossible 2? :)

    Chen Lo .....................bad guy that recovers the orb from Luna Temple and want to sell to Reiss.

    A note before I go on..... This movie is more about Lara stopping the bad guys than it is about tomb raiding. The Luna Temple was the closest thing to tomb raiding in the whole movie. There really wasn't any mystery to the temple at all; no secret chambers or treasures to find, no puzzle solving.

    First is the wedding scene in Greece where the earthquake hits. By the way, Lara is not attending the wedding. I think that was reported in the beginning but was not in the movie. The first shot you see of Lara is her coming toward a boat on a jet ski. She certainly does have friends all over the place! They dive to find the Luna Temple. Bad guys show up.

    Next is Croft Manor. Agents of the Queen show up. Inform Lara of Chen Lo who wants to sell the orb to Reiss. NOTE: Listen carefully to what Lara says about nature always being in balance. wink It’s a reoccurring theme through out the movie. Lara says she needs Terry Sheridan to help find the Shay Ling. You find out that Lara and Terry have had a relationship in the past and you find out more during the movie. They find the Cheng Lo but the orb is already on the way to be handed over to Reiss in Shanghai. There is a fight, Lara does not get the orb but knows its going to Hong Kong. Fight at Reiss' lab. Lara gets the orb, finds a family's fishing boat and connects to their cable TV. Imagine that! hehe. She scans the orb and sends the pictures to Bryce.


    The dots on the orb are musical notes and when played activates the orb to show where the Cradle of Life is located. This is a pretty cool scene, really liked it. As it turns out Reiss was at Croft Manor in Bryce's trailer and saw the whole thing. Lara does not find this out until Reiss arrives in Africa. She realizes the only way to get away from Reiss is to lead them through the Petrified Forest and maybe the Shadow Guardians will get them.

    This ends my synopsis of the plot; I am not going to tell what happens at the end.

    Things I liked about the movie:

    1. The addition of Terry Sheridan. By bringing him into the movie it gives more insight into Lara's character and what is important to her. I wish I could go into more details but don't want to spoil things.

    2. Action scenes flowed really well. Great locations!

    3. Like the storyline.

    4. Reiss was a very good bad guy. Felt like he wouldn't hesitate to do anything to get what he wants.

    5. The theme of the movie: there is always a balance between good and evil. Wish I could say more.

    6. Favorite scenes: I really liked the fight at the lab, Petrified Forest, Luna Temple.

    Things I did not like:

    1. The movie does not have very much tomb raiding; no finding secret chambers or puzzles solving. Reminded me too much of the Mission Impossible 2 movie. I agree that Lara has certain "spy" skills but she is supposed to be a tomb raider. I guess I like ancient tombs better than urban cities.

    2. Kind of violent....SPOILER..... There is one scene where she is fighting Chen Lo and he is on the ground with her pointing the gun at him. She says she will spare his life if he tells her where the orb is... he tells and she starts to leave and he notices a gun on the ground and shoots at Lara. Misses her but she turns around and throws a knife at Chen Lo and stabs him in the chest killing him. This I did not like at all. Since he missed Lara she could have easily run and got out of there just fine but she decides to kill him instead. This part shows Lara as a cold-blooded killer, which I do not agree with. This kind of attitude of Lara is seen throughout the movie... where she goes in to situations with hard line attitude...determined and kind of revengeful. Lara's character and Reiss' character are very much alike in this regard.

    3. The attraction between Lara and Terry could have been brought out a little bit more. Didn't really know if Lara liked him at all, but this might have been what the writer wanted. I guess you could say there wasn't enough balance between the violent side of Lara and the vulnerable side of Lara. :)
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    scusa roby...ma di chi è sto commento??....così tanto per curiosità wink

    ci metto una vita per leggerlo in nglese, non è che si può fare una traduzione in italiano...magari un pò + ristretta?... :D

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    allora è il commento di qualcuno che ha vinto dei biglietti per la prima del film e se l'è andato a vedere con gli amici, ci sono prima i vari personaggi che potete facilmente comprendere, poi prima di tutto dice che prima di continuare vuole specificare che il film è incentrato sull'eliminazione del "big bad" e non tanto sul tomb raiding (depredazione di tombe) perchè in questo tempio non ci sono n'è misteri nè strani puzzles da risolvere... sentite la trama è semplice se volete ve la posso anche tradurre tutta ma e un SUPERSPOILER c'è scritta un sacco di roba... vi rovinate la sorpresa

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