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    Rhona Mitra debutta in TV nel Practice tonight
    Season premiere of the practice airs on ABC tonight at 10p.m e.s.t.and will debut the former Lara Croft Model Rhona Mitra.

    Rhona Mitra interpreta Tara Wilson.

    Having arrived in the United States from the U.K. only a short time ago, Rhona Mitra is fast becoming one of today's most sought-after young actresses. Mitra, who recently sizzled on the big screen in The Life of David Gale, will next be seen in the thriller, Highwaymen, opposite Jim Caviezel.

    Mitra's previous film credits include the romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama, Ali G In Da House, Hollow Man and Get Carter.

    Along with Andre Braugher and Ruben Blades, Mitra starred in the critically acclaimed ABC series, Gideon's Crossing. She was also a series regular on Party of Five, and on the BBC miniseries The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous.

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