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    ...Unless you have been living under a rock Angel of Darkness is out in the USA!
    I'll be honest and tell you that the new game is absolutely awesome and Lara
    look better than ever. LCO Updates for awhile will be a little slow because
    I'm playing Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness!!!! No besides that seriously I have
    a walkthrough in progress on the PS2. Stella is waiting for the PC version to do hers
    so I am no Stella and this is my first walkthrough but I am doing the best I can.
    I am playing and writing as I go so I may be behind the majority that are playing now
    but on the bright side the people in the UK and Europe and everywhere else will
    have something to refer to when they get the game.

    Commento : :mad:

  Ah te piasse...sonno ! America...le mani su TR 6 per PS 2


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