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    I just saw the 2 topics closed at eidos forum... Thanks for compliments :)

    they repeat always that private messages shouldn't be posted as public topics, so next time you can title it in a public way: "Do you have any news about TR-A?" for example...

    ....they will be happier.... :rolleyes:

    Anyhow I replied to your email too, here I can say that I am working hard to TR-A, and very fast, but I left the most difficult part to do at the end, so I need time.... I hope for end of January or Lara's birthday the game will be ready...

    ...I need time to write all the documentations (one for each level), too... It's a huge work, very huge 014 LOL

    Thanks for interesting into my TR-A (and I love the Leonardo da Vinci comparison) 008 008

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