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    Ciao ragà!!!AIUTOOOOO!!!Cioè...ma dco..che gli è preso a stop inventario!!Avevo una chiave estratte da tr2,quella del detonatore,x intenderci...lara la pigliaVA e la metteVA nell'inventario e lì appariVA in piedi,che ruotava come tutte,magari un pò inclinata ma ben visibile...ora non sò perchè,ma la piglia e già nell'anteprima' è piatta,ma lo è anche nell'inventario,così che in pratica non vedi niente di cosa sia!!!CHE PIZZAAA!!!MA PERCHE'!!!
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    è un gioco intero ambientato al Centro della Terra (Center of the World - COTW)... trovi il demo qui:


    e alcune info nel topic di qualche giorno fa:


    oppure su forum eidos:


    in entrambe le pagine dei forum (sia VG che EIDOS) trovi screen dal gioco, in più rispondo alle varie domande... in seconda pagina di entrambi trovi screen aggiuntivi... su forum eidos hanno chiesto maggiori delucidazioni sulla storia, spero per te che l'inglese non sia un problema :) (soprattutto il mio, molto maccheronico) :)
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    I released the COTW with 6 articles inside where I tell "something" about the story... but I believe that if a story cannot be told in few words "isn't a good story" :)

    So, TR-A stands for Tomb Raider A - The TechnoEgyptians with a subtitle "and the Hidden Empire at the Center of the World"... and this, substantially, explains entirely my story :D

    (This following is told more detailedly in the readme's I put inside my already released levels, but it will be told completely into the complete TR-A itself with short descriptions and addictions in the future readme's).

    Planet Earth is empty in its innermost part, and at its center there is a huge Nuclear Yellow Sun called "The Kernel". It is substained by FOUR PYLONS, one for each natural element ("earth, wind, fire, water")... By the fondaments of those 4 pylons inside the internal surface of the empty planet earth, the nuclear Kernel takes the Energy needed to keep alive the superior technology of the civilization hidden at the center of the world: the TechnEgyptians.

    In ancient ages a Huge War was fighted by Humans and Demigods for the possession of the Kernel of Rhatech (***). Rhatech is the Capital of the Empire, and the possession of the Kernel meant the possession of huge powers and the control of the entire planet. But humans LOST this war against the TechnoEgyptian Demigods who rejected Human Mankind OUTSIDE the Empire to the Surface of the Earth, where we humans started evolving.

    There was a passage that linked the two surfaces (the External one and the Internal one): that passage was CLOSED forever to humans by a portal, the TechnoEgyptians Portal. Ancient Egyptians are a good proof of this. Their Faraons were elected by Demigods themselves to control our civilization... eek!

    During the ages, human mankind forgot from where they came from, and that "Center of the World" (COTW) civilization evolved until to call itself "TechnoEgyptian", while near the opening for that passage to the Empire, Jerusalem was built.

    Dante Alighieri talked about this into his Divina Commedia... He talked about an infernal civilization of demons and a Portal to the Hell throughout a passage below Jerusalem.... ("Abandon your hope ye who enter" or something similar :) )...

    In the 2002 Lara Croft finds out that that very popular Portal really exists and that passage below Jerusalem does not take you to the hell like it was belief... but the truth is terrbly worse... While she is searching for the "Imperial Symbol of New RHA" she is told about the prophecy... in the 2004 TechnoEgyptians will reveal again to human mankind for their Kernel of Rhatech will start losing its energy!

    This, and the rest, is told in game.... TR-A after a short prologue in the 2002, will start in Jerusalem in the year 2004 when the Surface World is already conquered by TechnoEgyptians and they are already collecting the energy of the 4 elements to restore the Kernel... Lara will wear the general Uniform of the Empire and will go deep down the "center of the world" capital Rhatech, to destroy the Empire and this menace since where it comes...
    The project was in the beginning of 7 levels. Now it is of 22 + 3 for cutscenes... a huge project, so..

    About the colors, it is a specific artistic choice, but this answer to you could get "too long" LOL... simply I try to put inside the same location the three fondamental colors (red, yellow and blue and their variations with the addiction of blue: purple, green, deep blue) into organic locations which are even technological.. (the "Technorganic Style").

    Playing the game how it is now, I find that the result of this is fantastic (exactly "what I wanted to create"), expecially into not released levels, amd expecially playing so many levels one after the other :) you really believe to be into a so "unknown" world but actually we are still "here" in this Planet Earth... TR-A is a jurney "inside yourself" for the search of the energy to restore everything...

    Anyhow, if you feel still about this for the colors, I suggest you for now to download just the "Rhatech" demo, cause it is the most beautiful one to be played. Entire TR-A will have the beauty of Rhatech, the gameplay of COTW and the surprices of COTW and TEP.

    (BTW the TEP and COTW you find in download into my signature are different levels from the versions inside the entire TR-A)

    Enjoy :)

    ***this will be explained in TR-A but played into the TR-A-gold which eventually will follow if TR-A will have success

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  ma che cavolooooo!!!aiuto visualizzazione errata nell'inventario!


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