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    The Sacred Stones 2: The VCI Labs
    Autore Danilo Rocha

    dimensioni contenute 2,95 Mb

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    In 1994, Lara discovered that the people of old civilizations found five sacred stones,
    each one with the power of an element, and she also discovered that Von Croy, already
    gathered three of them, and hid them in his laboratory of researches, located in New York.
    The stones should not be removed of the old temples, if all the stones be not gathered and
    returned the old tamples, big catastrophes they can happen.

    Part 2:

    After gathered the Fire Stone and the Water stone, Lara go to the VCI building, to find the
    Ice stone and th Nature stone. inside the building, there is a reseach lab and many Sas guards
    the stones are there.the last one, the wind stone, was already find by von Croy´s men, and it
    is comming from the stones temple, to the
    research Lab.

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