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    I am ready too, but I am waiting for betatesters' results :) One is going really fast.. the other is a little bit slower... he is busy with his own job....

    Until now just two little changes I had to do. This means betatesting is going perfectly for my TR-A :)

    BTW I have a question to you.

    TR-A is a really long game, expecially part three (after new COTW levels). Do you think this is a sin or a good think? I am afraid most will be bored, even if until now betatesters are really happy of this. TR-A is long as an official game (maybe a little bit longer), there's a lot of work inside of it and the game is really various, many surprises inside.

    I wanted everyone who will download, would be completely satisfied of it (expecially after 357 MB downloaded), but I am afraid a long game is a double-cut-weapon... please, tell me your opinion :)
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    Te lo dico in inglese così capiscono tutti :D :

    I think you mustent worry because your game is fantastic and every one will take it like a real and official game of tomb raider... but i think that you should do a bit of publisity to make peaple think this... wink
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    Hmmmm, Psiko, i dont think you are aware of how excited folk are about your new level's pending release. There are alot of words to describe your levels but boring is not one of them, they are brilliant and im sure this new one is gonna be just as awesome as the rest.
    Thanks for all your time and hard work :)
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    005 Wednesdays 3 March 2004 time 15:55...

    I've finished TR-A betatest !!!

    I have seen things that you ( Larians ) do not imagine..I have listened extraordinary musics.. amused a world , covering beyond 118 km (true) in the many levels and many hours of game... I have fought epic battles.. well used the brain in order to resolve the enigmas..The TR - A by Psiko is something that will remain in the history of the world-wide TRLE and without to make a twisted to the official levels , I say that this is an episode that would deserve the official label .

    What other to add, in order do not remove a surprise to you... :rolleyes:

    Nothing , only that the wait is reached & now the final round ...are necessary the last extra details game and between some day you will have a "Super" product beyond every imagination. 018

    To all ..
    good bye soon in lands of the TecnoEgyptians :)

    <small>[ 03.03.2004, 21:41: Message edited by: Roberto web ]</small>
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    That's great news !!! First Beta testing done !!!

    psiko - I think the reverse is true - a long game will be welcomed !!!

    Most people I've talked to have been dissapionted by the shortness of the latest games (even those other than TR) - it's all motivated by MONEY !!! You are motivated by a beautiful product, which is the way it should be !!!

    BTW - I had to re-register - apparantly, something got screwed up when the site moved - so now, I'm JunoJim ITalian !!! LOL
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    LOL, you're so crazy Jim :) I told the second betatester to hurry up :)

    everyone had to re-register after the new "look" of the forum...

    I hope all of you will have the chance to enjoy the game for half of march.... BTW, you Jim will receive the CD I promised to you ;)

  OK psiko !!!


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