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    In previous news Lara Croft is rumored to guest appear in a future episode of this new CGI animated show airing tonight on the UPN network. People like me -- no scratch that. It's people like my spouse, a guy who still falls into the 18-to-34 male demographic the vids are siphoning away from television's loosening grip, who are inspiring networks to dream up shows like UPN's "Game Over," premiering Wednesday night at 8 on KSTW/11.

    At a glance, "Game Over" looks like perfect gamer bait. For one thing, it's supposedly the first fully computer-animated prime-time series, which is the kind of factoid thrown out there to make techies drool.

    Not only do the candy-colored environments have the same plastic attractiveness of video games, its characters, the Smashenburns, are a family of videogame characters with active lives beyond the ones governed by start and reset buttons in the real world.

    Patrick Warburton is a natural to voice Rip, a racing game driver married to Lara Croft clone Raquel (Lucy Liu), who boldly attempts to balance tomb raiding with keeping house. If you don't know who Lara Croft is, all the more reason this isn't for you.

    They have attention starved kids, idiotic Billy (E.G. Daily) and politically active if insecure Alice ("SNL's" Rachel Dratch), and griping kung fu heroes living next door.

    Thinking about the countless ways their hectic lifestyle pulls them apart, Rip decides to pick up a family pet. A few twists later, they're blackmailed into adopting Turbo (Artie Lange), a 300-pound, cigar-smoking rude, drunk creature who works very hard to up the difficulty on an already frenetic existence.

    It might offend "Family Guy" fans to point out the parallels between that superior animated comedy and this ... attempt. Instead, let's say that much of the humor is crude, and situational setups are very '80s family sitcom.

    When Raquel's spy-jinks aren't getting to Rip, he's bristling at the fact that she's never home to do the things wives are traditionally supposed to do. Typical, right? Except they're video game characters!

    "Raquel, I'm a simple man. I drive in circles all day. That is, when I'm not catching on fire," Rip groans. "When I come home, all I want is a cup of tea. But instead, you know what I get? Kicked in the face by our passive-aggressive Shaolin monk neighbors. ... A wife obsessed with finding a golden monkey! And a daughter who needed a bra!"

    If you found the above dialogue to be a little flat, you now see what the primary problem with "Game Over" happens to be. (The second? It's on UPN and doesn't have any models in it.)

    And the idea that patterning a half-hour animated comedy after video games is enough to inspire boys to tune in and turn off the console fails to take into account the most obvious of factors: TV isn't interactive. Like a booth babe at an electronics expo, "Game Over" has more looks going for it than cleverness and substance. At least video games have levels.

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    Ma non stanno parlando di 1 cartone:confused:
    Ho letto solo la prima parte ma non penso ke vogliano inserire lara in 1 videogioco a cartoni ma in 1 cartone vero e proprio:005:
    Cmq non so forse sbaglio bho:rolleyes:

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