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    Qui possiamo mettere i commenti che gli utenti dei Forum esteri stanno inserendo nei vari Topic : ecco il primo di una eccellente Level designer tedesca Miss Kroft


    @ I´m in the fourth level now and just wanted to say: Psiko, you´re completely crauy! Everything is unbelievable giant and impressive and I like the gameplay!
    Miss Kroft
    Admin Tomb Raider Sito uff.le TR VDG
    Le soluzioni di TR LEGEND e ANNIVERSARY sul Sito uff.le Tombraider Betatester ufficiale TR-A & Spring
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    Addirittura in ...


    News !!!

    Psiko the Tomb Raider level master has released his 3 year work. A new complete level called
    Tomb Raider A - The TechnoEgyptians and the Hidden Empire at the Center of the World .
    The level is a mega download at almost 360 megabytes and is stand alone. If you were waiting
    for something Tomb Raider to play this is the one you've been waiting for. Get it here at Psiko's
    Admin Tomb Raider Sito uff.le TR VDG
    Le soluzioni di TR LEGEND e ANNIVERSARY sul Sito uff.le Tombraider Betatester ufficiale TR-A & Spring
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    Dopo i due 10/10 presi come votazione su Prager ecco un altro 10/10 su Laracrot levelbase da parte di NIV :

    Ancora complimenti Psiko :approved:

    Simply ingeniously. Psiko, it was an indescribable experience with Lara.
    One cannot describe it, one must it simply play.
    The objects were singular, as well as the individual camera scenes.
    The opponents were differently and well placed.
    Except nearly in the end, where Lara with four or five spirit had to fight and in addition still some levers to find had, in order to destroy Seth. I found unfair a little. Here with some players grind will arise.
    That is also the only point of criticism, which I have.
    A goal of the play is probably it to destroy Rha. In addition one must find the four elements (earth, wind, water and fire). If Lara has it, she goes in each case to fitting play section, which releases something after successful conclusion again in another level into one to the element. Which states exactly the Story, I cannot say unfortunately, since my Italian is very unsatisfactory. And with English I have also so my problems. But it made very much fun to solve the whole mysteries which released usually something Spielentscheidenes and intended for the Story fitting.
    The mysteries were very well converted and very varied. Lara enters many ranges and must different artifacts find. In addition come still levers, dipping portions and some travels with the jeep and the motorcycle. Partly one had here already a little digging LN: -)
    Lara is demanded and bound me here completely beautifully. Also Lara needs here good leg muscles, since those were very largely represented level and one must also everywhere.
    This play has tension from the outset.
    The camera guidance and the sound were super. And the respective Cutszenen in addition also.
    One gets Sowas to see rare. Alone it is already worth to play the play.
    The conclusion........ (one does not betray)
    Psiko, that was an absolute masterpiece.
    For me one the best.
    Despite the giant Downloads, must!
    Admin Tomb Raider Sito uff.le TR VDG
    Le soluzioni di TR LEGEND e ANNIVERSARY sul Sito uff.le Tombraider Betatester ufficiale TR-A & Spring
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    Sì, anche la mia preferita, Miss Kroft, si é inchinata di fronte al lavoro di Psiko!
    :) :) :)
    così noi uomini manteniamo il dominio anche in questo campo....:approved:
    la votazione di 10 é corretta, in relazione ai voti alti dati ad altri lavori nemmeno vagamente somiglianti a questo.
    Se non sai da che parte stai andando tutte le strade ti ci porteranno
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    La critica positiva diThomas su laralevebase ..10 /10

    What is one to actually say to this play? It is gigantic in each regard! Without consideration of the changes between some Leveln there is 22 level. The areas are very largely and very multicolored and variedly texturiert, in addition rather brightly, which some players, who are used it to only run around with the torch/flare and the binoculars in the first moment quenches, but one got accustomed fast to it.

    After this habituation phase and the first level, which serve only for warming up, the play does not release and pulls the player completely into its spell! To describe also only approximately, what one would blow up everything for "sensations" experienced, which one did not see ever, the framework, and does not come out also the surprise spoil, but one from being astonished!

    With the time one does not become the feeling loosely the fact that one plays here a completely new Tomb Raider play that does not need to shrink from the comparison with the original plays. The Story is exciting and above all being connected, it is thus no multicolored heap zusammengewuerfelter level. It concerns that nut/mother and father want to bring a descendant to RHA to the power, which the rule is to lead across the world, which has to prevent Lara tunlichst. The poor Lara becomes the Techno Egyptian, but we know that against Lara no herb grew.
    The level by very beautiful camera travels and intermediate sequences are accompanied, which is sound point, and as everything is as good arranged new and/or texturiert. Surprise effects with goose skin factor are guaranteed.

    There are 7 Secrets, the mysteries is solvable all, and for genuine problems the author attached a documentation. Further details to specify, falls heavily, I white not, where I am to begin, and does not think, this play marks the beginning of a new era the user level.

    For TRA there can be one valuation despite the habituation-needy optics and the very heavy final fight only: smooth 12! Those does not give it here, then I take evenly 10.
    Admin Tomb Raider Sito uff.le TR VDG
    Le soluzioni di TR LEGEND e ANNIVERSARY sul Sito uff.le Tombraider Betatester ufficiale TR-A & Spring
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    Su Prager intanto ha ricevuto un'altro 10 /10 ed è il livello del momento ...:approved:

    ecco la recernsone di NAVI :D

    “Simply ingenious! Psiko, this was an indescribable event with Lara. One simply has to play it. The objects are unique, as are the cut scenes and flyby. Various enemies, very well placed, except near the end where Lara has to fight four or five ghosts, while finding levers to deactivate spikes – I thought that was a bit unfair, but that is about the only criticism I have J The puzzles were well designed and very diverse. Partly you really had to think a bit here J Lara is being challenged here and that really took me in. Tension right from the start. Cameras and sound were simply superb and all those cut scenes – you very rarely get this and for those alone it is worth playing the game. The end….Psiko, an absolute masterpiece. Despite the huge download, a must-play game!” – Navi
    Admin Tomb Raider Sito uff.le TR VDG
    Le soluzioni di TR LEGEND e ANNIVERSARY sul Sito uff.le Tombraider Betatester ufficiale TR-A & Spring

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