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    Durante una pausa della prioezone del film SHARK TALE , dove Angelina Jolie ha prestato il suo viso ad un pesce protagonista ( LOLA) del film a cartoni animati ...si è esibita a bordo di un grande squalo di gomma in compagnia di Jack Black

    © 2004 www.tombraiderchronicles.com / Warner Bros | May 14th 2004

    Will Smith, Angelina Jolie and Jack Black are making a big splash at the Cannes Film Festival, with their new animated film "Shark Tale." Will actually took a "Shark's Tale" ride with co-stars Jack Black and Angelina Jolie on a large shark boat created to promote the movie, and Jack got wet with a scuba dip, but from the sounds of things this won't be just another kid's film - words can't do it justice, but you've never heard anything quite like Jack's "shark roar."

    Angelina told us that her family also had a say in her participation: "My mom really wanted me to be the good fish," she told us, saying her mother asked, "'Why aren't you the angel fish? You're a good person, why are you always a bad person?'" Good or bad, Jack told us that going aquatic stretched his acting skills. "It comes to me, I don't force it," he explained, but stopped short of giving away his tricks.

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  Angelina Jolie a Cannes cavalca uno squalo e da la voce a LOLA di Shark Tale


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