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    In una news di gamespot.com appare la notizia che proviene da voci indiscrete, Ubisoft sarebbe intenzionato a comprare l'editore di Tomb Raider.

    RUMOR #2: Ubisoft has announced it is buying Eidos.

    Source: British gaming site Boomtown.net.

    The official story: See below.

    What we heard: Earlier this week, Edios admitted it was "in preliminary discussions with a small number of parties in relation to possible business combinations." Instantly, the industry was abuzz with talk of which company might takeover of the financially ailing publisher. EA, Activision, Atari, and were all mentioned, but the Boomtown piece actually said that Ubisoft had publicly announced its intentions to acquire the Tomb Raider-maker. Problem is, it hasn't. "We have never made any comment regarding Ubisoft's position and we are continuing not to make any comment," an executive at Ubisoft's Paris headquarters told GameSpot. However, the company danced around questions about whether it would make a bid for Eidos. "Ubisoft has always said that Eidos is a good company," continued the exec, "[but] probably lots companies from both the games and entertainment industries could be interested in acquiring Eidos."

    Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus insofar that they've announced it. Not bogus insofar that they're considering it.

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    Diciamo che per ora (vista l'offerta fatta) sembra la favorita..

    Una curiosità: non è la prima volta che l'Ubisoft prova a mettere le mani sulla Eidos; ci aveva già provato nel 2002: a maggio di quell'anno Yves Guillemot, presidente e CEO di UbiSoft, fece sapere tramite un'intervista al Financial Times che Eidos poteva essere un obiettivo per allargare il mercato della software house francese (Eidos a quel tempo non rilasciò dichiarazioni).

    Staremo a vedere :)
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    Ubisoft "piglia tutto" :rolleyes: : sembra che oltre alla Eidos la società francese stia per acquisire la Codemasters (il publisher di Colin McRae) .. non c'è nessuna conferma ufficiale, ma che dire: Ubi scatenatissima :eek:
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    A completamento della new ....;)


    www.telegraph.co.uk | August 8th 2004

    Lara Croft, the computer-generated heroine and pneumatic pin-up girl for the UK's teenage population, is set to bid au revoir to her British investors after Ubisoft, the giant French games publisher, emerged this weekend as the front-runner to snap up Eidos, its struggling UK rival. The British company, which created Lara in its successful Tomb Raider series of games, is locked in takeover talks with Ubisoft.

    Analysts believe the deal could value Eidos at more than £215m or around 150p a share. Eidos shares closed on Friday at just 109p, having plummeted from 184p in May. The company has dismayed shareholders by issuing three profits warnings in the past 12 months. Senior managers from Ubisoft are understood to have spent most of the past week at Eidos's headquarters, hammering out details of the takeover. However, the French group could yet face competition from other major companies including Microsoft, Sony and THQ, all of which want to strengthen their interests in computer gaming by adding to their portfolios of game titles.

    The Eidos management, led by Mike McGarvey, the chief executive, is also believed to be considering a buyout and is looking for financial and private equity backers. Eidos has increasingly struggled to compete with its larger rivals and its key title for this year, Hitman: Contracts, has suffered poor retail sales on both sides of the Atlantic. If Ubisoft, or another foreign rival, succeeds in taking over Eidos, it would leave the UK without any substantial computer game publishers. The games market is increasingly dominated by a small handful of giant companies which have the financial muscle to create ever more sophisticated titles that require millions of pounds to develop.
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