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    ciao blu, aspide, roberto, walrus, psiko :)

    Fist I have to say that currently most of the time I spent (last 12 months) goes to TR-Research 5 - Level installation program.
    But last week I also found some time to work on last version of XethRayda and TR-Research - Levelinstallation program (4.0)

    I know XR 1.5 had some bad... hm call it "unfair things".

    missing climbing textures, too many enemies (I like it), worse user-guide, the list isn't short

    i heard and notified your critism...
    i finshed upgrading one of the levels (5th)
    the others will come

    maybe some users want to test the series (again) before I set it ready for download
    if so, feel free to email me

    XethRayda 1.51 will be finished within one month, then you can download it at www.xethrayda.com

    features of XR 1.51

    -more than 2 dozends of new rooms
    -new unknown areas
    -many bugs fixed
    -new secrets
    -new music
    -new (also climbable) textures
    -new objects
    -more cameras
    -more flybys
    -changed logic of rooms

    if it doesnt make problems, I make the title level (3rd) playable


    Its a long time ago I released TR-Research 3.9

    its updated to version 4, it has a lot of things of version 5 and I removed many things of 3.9

    so I hope that 4 will be ok

    You see some pics and download TR-Research 4 at www.tr-research.com

    features of TR-Research 4 (windows)

    -easy level installing & playing
    -level reviewing
    - wad converting
    - wad completing
    - updating non-revised wads
    - updating missing ankor / new eidos wads
    - mp3 converting
    - creating missing scripts
    - easy trle backupping
    - easy savegame archiving
    - easy screenshooting (includes gallery of shot pictures)
    and much more
    - easy skin creating ( not that important)

    a help file will follow withing the next days

    note: french/italian translation is not complete they base on 3.9 translation
    there is an inplemented translation function, maybe there is someone who could do this. I dont speak french/italian

    im sorry for the mac-raiders :-( but there is already a level installer for mac :-)

    If someone has problems, use the integrated mail-service, you only have to have the internet explorer to make this feature work

    so I hope I get much response
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    Welcome back my friends :D

    e non solo Paolo ...

    more than 2 dozends of new rooms
    -new unknown areas
    -many bugs fixed
    -new secrets
    -new music
    -new (also climbable) textures
    -new objects
    -more cameras
    -more flybys
    -changed logic of rooms
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    Per quanto riguarda l'installazione, visto che sicuramente sará autoinstallabile come la versione precedente, questa puó creare problemi agli usuari del Trlevelmanager (a me era successo, dopo aver installato il gioco di XETH se volevo giocare un altro livello con il programma di PaoloB, mi diceva che non trovava la cartella TRLE:eek: ) Mi dovrete spiegare come bisogna fare l'installazione per non avere problemi.:)
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    Quando clicchi sul XETH_RAYDA.exe ti si apre il file di installazione; nel momento in cui ti chiede "dove" installarlo mettilo in una cartella che non sia quella usuale del TRLE, in questo modo non dovresti avere problemi :approved:
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    You can install Xethrayda (1.5/1.51) where you want, trle directory or somewhere else it doesnt matter. Xethrayda has its own tomb4.exe (XR.exe).

    i reconment to install it to the trle directory, because some of the audio files in subfolder "audio" are used.

    but you must not, its a single game just like other stand alone games like tr-a etc.

    TR-Research = a level installation manager like trlevelmanager, its not THE installer of xethrayda

    i hope there are no more missunderstandings yet


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