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    CIAO Mel ..magari scrivo a Turbo pascal per saperne di piu'

    per ora appare solo questo ..

    The concept of this project is to create a video game based on the first Tomb Raider movie, using the Tomb Raider 4 engine so we will create all kind of environtments, objects, animations, movements, characters, weapons and all that stuff, but always keeping in mind the film storyline. Of course, we will add the great original soundtrack composed by Graeme Revell and other artists as U2, The Chemical Brothers, Nelly Furtado, etc. to introduce the player on the story.

    Who makes this?
    Once upon a time, Rodrigo Martín, a student from Tenerife, was watching the movie and he thought on a game where the player can interact and go into the adventure. For make this, he should need a team experienced on the computer games industry. He searched on the forums and then he found some people interested on the project...

    Some time later, the team started thinking about the engine, and they decided to use the Tomb Raider Level Editor. Also, the team is using the Unofficial TRLE (DXTre3d) by Turbo Pascal.

    The team
    LCTR Team (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Team) has seven members:

    Rodrigo Martín

    Level Design:

    Character and object design:
    Carlos de la Calle
    Mark García


    Original Soundtrack:
    Composed by Graeme Revell
    Mixed and edited by Mark García

    Website designed by Mark García
    Maintainement and updates: SeRmOnGaR

    Does it cost?
    Absolutely NO. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider can be downloaded absolutely FREE from this and any website.
    Admin Tomb Raider Sito uff.le TR VDG
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    Ne parlavamo giusto qualche giorno fa con 30th :) : il topic di presentazione della serie era questo ; il primo livello "Kill to Lara Croft" molto presto sarà scaricabile ;)


    Dolcetto o scherzetto?

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  Lara Croft- Tomb Raider ?


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