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    E' finalmente uscita la super saga contenente 18 livelli
    dal titolo BACK to Basic

    Sito Prager

    Questo Topic serve per raggiungere la pagina generale e inserire tutti i commenti per la conversione dei livelli e / o difficoltà di conversione varie

    mentre per i singoli livelli adotteremo come al solito i titoli comprendenti il nome saga e livelo che si sta giocando

    ES :Sq Tester in Catacomb Project : Another Catacomb

    A tutti buon divertimento !

    Lista livelli :

    01 Another Catacomb
    02 Catacombs of Tisaria
    03 Desert Ruins and the Serpent Tower
    04 Dwellers of the Abyss
    05 High and Low
    06 Laguna
    07 Lara of Persia
    08 Mourning Palace
    09 Operation Golden Star
    10 Palaces of Pharaoh Hepatitis
    11 Pseudo Tomb
    12 Quest for the Golden Beetle
    13 Rapid Fall
    14 Skellycombs
    15 The Origins
    16 The Red and the Blue
    17 The Underground City
    18 Through the Shadow of Death
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    The overall idea of this project is quite simple and was originally brought up by George Maciver. As the recently released series of levels became bigger and bigger a discussion had come up whether it would not be possible to build an interesting and entertaining level using only the original trle tools released in December 2000. So, no new custom objects, no custom WADs, no custom audio etc. On top of that the idea came up to select a common WAD to use (via a vote) and then release all the built levels at the same time on Jan 1, 2005. The community very clearly voted for the Catacomb WAD. Other than that the restrictions are defined by the fact that you can only use the standard Level Editor. Also, within the script you are only allowed to modify the level title, the load screen and the background loop number. We agreed to a guideline that the net gaming time should be in the range of 30-45 minutes, so not too long, so that players actually have an opportunity to play all of the competition levels. All Levels will be offered for download initially without revealing the actual author of each level. Until February 28 the players then have time to play the levels and review them in the usual fashion.

    Use the navigation on the left to find out more about the levels, the competitions for the builders and the players and useful hints about the gameplay and the installation.

    Don't forget to activate Vol FX and Bump Mapping in the setup!

    Happy Raiding!

    Useful links

    Back to Basics main page
    Players Competition Form

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    Sto scaricando Another catacomb , poi vedo se si converte normalmente con il TRLE MANAGER .

    Altrimenti bisogna scaricare Le
    Full Version - Small
    contains script and tom files
    di 23,5 MB


    Full Version - Large
    contains script and tr4 files
    di 145 MB

    Importante scaricare l'ultima versione
    dei Revised Catacombs Wad
    necessary for the tom files
    di 1,85 MB ed inserirla al posto di quella presente nel vostro TRLE.
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    Si è conclusa la competizione ed oggi sono stati pubblicati i risultati :) e le giuste associazioni ;) :

    Level Designers - Livelli

    1 Bojrkraider - "Lara of Persia"
    2 Cuahiano Small - "Laguna"
    3 dhama - "Quest for the Golden Beetle"
    4 eRIC - "The Red and the Blue 3"
    5 eTux - "Pseudo Tomb"
    6 GeckoKid - "Desert Ruins and the Serpent Tower"
    7 George Maciver - "Skellycombs"
    8 Harly Wuson - "The Underground City"
    9 Horus - "Mourning Palace"
    10 Idealist - "Through the Shadow of Death"
    11 Marksdad - "Rapid Fall"
    12 MichaelP - "High and Low"
    13 Miss Kroft - "The Origins"
    14 staticon - "Another Catacomb"
    15 Storm Chaser - "Catacombs of Tisaria"
    16 Tinka - "Operation Golden Star"
    17 tombrdr - "Dwellers of the Abyss"
    18 Uvavoo - "Palaces of Pharaoh Hepatitis"

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