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    Eidos has officially lifted the embargo on pictures of new Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Legend. Points to note include a shiny new headset attached to Lara's ear, binoculars and a circular device attached to Lara's belt and a band of grenades tied to Lara's belt. According to our source, the below profile of Lara Croft will be featured in next month's edition of PSM Magazine (U.S. version) along with more information on Tomb Raider 7.


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    Ragazzzzziiii... non so se c'avete fatto caso ma il sito ufficiale di tomb raider http://www.tombraider.com/ è sottoposto a continue modifiche... prima è scomparsa la scritta Tomb Raider Legend in alto, adesso è scomparsa anche la scritta Eidos... qualcuno ci sta aggeggiando dietro! Presto vedremo sicuramente delle novità!!! :yuppi: :yuppi:
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    [ APril 5th 2005 ]

    On the day that Eidos lifted its self-imposed embargo on pictures leaked from PSM magazine showcasing the new Lara Croft model, a brand new piece of concept art has emerged. Tentatively titled Tomb Raider Legend, Lara's seventh outing is now under the aegis of Crystal Dynamics, who intend to transport the British archaeologist back to her roots as ardent Tomb Raider, procurer of all things ancient.

    While SCi and Elevation Partners battle for UK publisher Eidos, original architect Toby Gard spearheads a team at Crystal Dynamics charged with rejuvenating the Tomb Raider franchise. Follow the below hyperlink to collect our brand new Tomb Raider Legend concept art.

    View Tomb Raider Legend concept artwork
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    La notizia postata da McJ continua così (l'aggiunta è stata fatta da www.tombraiderchronicles.com pochi minuti fa...):

    Californian-based Crystal Dynamics took charge of the Tomb Raider franchise in 2004 after publisher Eidos ported development from original architects Core Design in a move the company said would maximise the commercial opportunity of one of its key franchises. Although details have been sparse, Eidos has confirmed Crystal Dynamics intend to restore the original properties of Lara Croft - ardent Tomb Raider, procurer of all things ancient - and a game more in tune with Prince of Persia.

    Eidos has also begun prepping the official Tomb Raider web site for a forthcoming announcement officially introducing the future of Lara Croft. www.tombraider.com informs fans of the series that information is "coming soon". Stay tuned! :D :D :approved: :approved:

    Beh, guardando e riguardando queste immagini, devo dire che la Crystal ha fatto un lavoro eccezionale: questa è la Lara che tutti volevamo vedere... è stupenda, non vedo l'ora di vedere altre immagini! :love: :sbav: :roll:
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    E' assolutamente stupenda!! :love:
    Dopo queste immagini i detrattori di Lara dovranno ricredersi e inchinarsi dinanzi a Lei!!!!:muhehe:
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  In Pictures: New Lare Croft revealed


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