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    A new version of the Tomb Raider on Windows XP automated installer has been released by Bokkie from www.tombraiderforums.com. This utility automatically configures Tomb Raider on Windows XP and Windows 2000, including full support for GLIDOS - the popular GLIDE wrapper for improving the graphics quality of Tomb Raider - and DGVoodoo (a free alternative) along with full automated support for VDM Sound.

    Change log in v1.05: Fixed batch files code that includes starting TR1 + Gold with VDMSound but without any Glide wrappers (dgVoodoo or Glidos) - Fixed desktop shortcuts (PIF, LNK and VLP) that may refer to \\dell\d$\projects\tr_installer\files instead of c:\tombraid - Fixed low-level CD-ROM support for VDMSound.

    Download Advanced Tomb Raider Installer

  Advanced Tomb Raider Installer v1.05 released


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