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    prima di scatenarvi nel dire che questa Lara non vi piace, ricordatevi che non è Hollywood, è un film fatto da fans...


    When Lara emerges from a Tomb with her ultimate prize: The Gold Skull of Bane, she is confronted by enemies who beat her severely and steal her artifact. It's now up to her to hunt down every culprit responsible and get the idol back....

    "Bane's Relic" is a Tomb Raider stunt fan film, featuring look-a-like Jenn as Lara Croft.

    Jenn expects the movie to be complete and up sometime in September, meanwhile you can watch the trailer. (11 MB)

    thank you Lucas.
    Pubblic relations Italian Site TR VDG

  Bane's Relic - Staking Claim


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