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    "New York, last year...
    Lara Croft has been asked by US Force to prevent any terrorist attack in the City. In particular she must avoid any sabotage to the maiden City Tour voyage of the airship Hindenburg 2.
    Immediately Lara flew her helicopter from her mansion in Surrey to directly land on the top of the giant airship moored to the Central Park mast.
    She has to investigate since they have been alerted about the presence of Tony's brother, probably concealed inside the airship maintenance team.
    Lara had met Tony at the Campsite near the Templeruins in India and she could not be aware of the existence of his twin mentally unstable brother..."


    Miscellanea & Curiosities:

    Central Park skyline is the real one. I have drawn one of the most suggestive places in the world pixel-by-pixel in 3 months. It has been further updated in 2004 with the new AOL Time Warner Centre.
    The child in the biscuits' advertising poster is my real son!
    Hindenburg 2 never existed. Nor any airship exists making the City Tour, even if could be a great idea....
    The historical Hindenburg was originally intended to be filled with helium, but a United States military embargo on helium forced the Germans to modify the design of the ship to use highly flammable hydrogen as the lift gas. Because hydrogen is half as dense as helium, giving about 10% greater lift capability in air, additional passenger compartments were also added during construction.
    The airship disaster (it burst into flames) occurred on May 6th, 1937, at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Of a total of 36 passengers and 61 crew, 13 passengers and 22 crew died. At that time sabotage was commonly put forward as the cause of the fire. At present there is no proof about this and no real way of knowing if a bomb caused the disaster.
    Has Hindenburg2 been filled again with hydrogen as the lift gas? Since Lara doesn't know if the airship has been filled yet with the highly flammable gas, she cannot use any gunfire in this adventure. The only weapon she can bring with her is the harpoon gun!
    The difficulty of the level is generally simple, but remember that harpoons and med packs are not unlimited. So do not waste them. There is just one level part that is quite difficult: the cellar with the wooden boxes. This is like the famous game Sokoban, where Lara has to push all boxes in a predetermined way to the right areas in order to escape from the room.
    This level would pretend to be a Tomb Raider adventure: a real adventure into dark places, exploring tombs, dead and mysteries.
    Of course here is present one the most famous Urban Legend: the alligators. It seems a few of these wild creatures actually survived in the damp darkness of the New York sewer system and began to breed, with the result that there are now scattered colonies of full-grown alligators living under the streets of New York City. Some say the animals are blind and albino, having lost their eyesight and the pigment in their hides due to the constant darkness in which they dwell.
    Lara has been completely 3D re-drawn, looking more feminine and loveable, close to the Angel of Darkness aspect.
    Just a FAQ solution document is provided (don't peep at it!): if you need help, I will be glad to help you. I hope somebody who really enjoys and finishes the level, will write it.
    Why a TR3 level: TR3 will remain for ever the best simply because its environment is effective, flexible, homogeneous and emotional, even if it is not fully detailed and realistic as the new generation games. Try to understand: it is the same feeling you get admiring Van Gogh's masterpieces with his simulated rich textures comparing to realist painters... For this reason TR3 doesn't risk to be overrun by new technologies.

    Feel free to import anything in your personal levels and publish all my stuff in your website for free downloading at your own responsibility but indicating the author's name (Laraitaly).
    If you enjoy it, please let me know.

    This is strictly a personal, independent, unofficial and non-commercial fan work dedicated to the unofficial Tomb Raider level editor tools.
    Neither Core Design nor Eidos Interactive do have any association with this work. No copyright infringement is intended by anything use of this work. Lara Croft, Angel of Darkness and Tomb Raider are trademarks of Core and Eidos Interactive. Images of Lara Croft & the Tomb Raider name and logos are copyright © & TM 1996-2002 Core Design Ltd. © & Publishing 1996-2002 Eidos Interactive Ltd. All rights reserved. This unofficial fan work is not connected with or otherwise condoned by the creator and distributor of the Tomb Raider games, Core Design Ltd. and Eidos Interactive Ltd. All trademarks are property of the respective owners.

    The Credits: to Eidos and Core Design for having created Lara, to Turbo Pascal and to all unofficial programmers for having released the tools and to TRediting Zone Forum people (pub19.ezboard.com/ftreditingzonefrm2) for advising. (See the ending game Pix for credits)

    2005 Laraitaly



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    Qualcuno traduce? :) Il mio inglese è un pò datato... :shy:

    Comunque scarico, e speriamo bene! ;) Se nel frattempo qualche buon'anima mi aiuta con Theatre of Venice a trovare il secondo circuito... (vedi post) ;) Almeno ne finisco uno!:)
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    Originally posted by lucy
    Non riesco a farlo funzionare! Trle Manager mi dice che mancano i files tom4!:eek: Che devo fare? Ho provato anche con gli altri link, ma niente!:mad: Un aiuto?:confused:

    Questo non è un livello tr4 Lucy ma un tr3. Hai bisogno del demo South Pacifico per giocarlo. :)
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    Grazie Taras e Paolo, rimedio subito... :approved: Dicevo che era strano...:rolleyes: :P

    Niente da fare!:( Dunque, ho scaricato la seconda delle demo di tr3, la Pacific, si è installata su trl creando una sua cartella. Ed ora che devo fare? :confused: :(
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    Originally posted by lucy
    Grazie Taras e Paolo, rimedio subito... :approved: Dicevo che era strano...:rolleyes: :P

    Niente da fare!:( Dunque, ho scaricato la seconda delle demo di tr3, la Pacific, si è installata su trl creando una sua cartella. Ed ora che devo fare? :confused: :(

    Ora devi aprire la cartella core design poi trdemo, ed inserire i files airship.tr2 ed il tombpc nella cartella data e far partire il gioco. Se hai il tomb raider 3 originale lo apri e copi la cartella audio nella cartella principale come potrai vedere da immagine. l'audio non serve per giocare ma se lo inserisci è meglio. sentirai così gli effeti sonori e le musiche.
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    Come hai fatto ad entrare nelle cantine senza armi?
    Sicuramente il fucile lo devi avere! Non avresti potuto....senza...
    Se mai ti mancheranno arpioni.... che puoi recuperare tornando indietro (le gru dovrebbero essere ferme adesso...)
    Fammi sapere perche mi sembra alquanto strano.
    Buona fortuna!!

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