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    Level # 1520 An Oriental Adventure
    Back to Basics 2006 - 01.01.2006

    scaricabile da laralevelbase

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    During an expedition to the east in search of the fabled treasures of Hoo Flung Dung, Lara had followed a number of clues that had led nowhere. One afternoon, Lara was contemplating her next move while walking in the grounds of the Hoo Flung palace when she spotted a dark opening through a dense thicket of shrubs. Ever the curious one, she just had to investigate. Cautiously, she made her way through the undergrowth and found a small opening in the steep hill beyond. In she ventured and found herself sliding down a steep slope into a hidden, but well tended garden. Could this lead to the object of her quest? Or would it be another dead end?
    Admin Tomb Raider Sito uff.le TR VDG
    Le soluzioni di TR LEGEND e ANNIVERSARY sul Sito uff.le Tombraider Betatester ufficiale TR-A & Spring

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