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    "Tomb Raider Legend - we get our hands on the first code for Lara's new adventure

    Lara Croft is back in an all-new epic adventure, Tomb Raider Legend. It's been sometime now since Angel of Darkness was released and from what we've seen so far it's been worth the wait. The structure of Tomb Raider Legend follows a similar path to previous games but with a revamped control system that allows Lara to roam more freely throughout the levels. Additionally, Tomb Raider Legend has now been developed by Crystal Dynamics which are known for games such Legacy of Kain: Defiance and Snow Blind. Their quality of games far exceeds those of the previous developer Core and is a much-needed step in making the latest edition far more superior. From the new engine we noticed the overall improvements, some of those being the detailed character modelling and better level design.

    The very first stage takes place in the beautiful mountains of Bolivia and before the game-play started we were treated to a remarkable panoramic cut-scene of Lara climbing up the side of a mountain. It displayed the scope of the environment and gave us an insight into the graphics engine. The surroundings are gorgeous with exotic mountains seen in the distance. As the game-play started we were glad to see that the graphics appeared just as stunning as the cuts-scene. Standing at the top of a waterfall we had the perfect view of the surroundings and from that moment we knew that this was going to be something special. Mist was forming from the waterfalls creating brilliant effects from a distance. Various birds would fly up and around the mountains and the wild fauna that made up parts of the mountain look amazingly realistic. As we made our way through the level we came to an ancient building that was detailed with historical architecture. It was very eerie inside but beautiful at the same time. Water caverns could be accessed from inside with ancient ruins beneath the calm waters. The frame rate was constant at all times running even with the great level of 3D detail present. Lara now has twice the amount of polygons than the previous game, so she now looks far more detailed in all the best parts of course. She also has a whole new set of animations which are both fluid and more lifelike. The way she runs and preforms acrobatic rolls, flips, and cartwheels when climbing up ledges has to be seen to be appreciated. She is now able to roam free and not follow any particular path as she travels throughout the stages. Lara can interact with almost any object allowing her to create new pathways and reaching destinations never thought possible. Crystal dynamics wanted to create more of an exploration game that has worked perfectly for Tomb Raider. We should also note that the facial detail appears to be almost perfect with detailed character lines and realistic eye and lip movements. In another scene as Lara exited out of the water, her body appeared to be still wet as the light reflected off her due to the amount of texture detail. Many will be please with Lara's transition and we must say she is looking hotter than ever!!
    Special mention must go to the insane amount of texture detail in the game. Crystal Dynamics are known for their detailed PS2 games, but this one pushes the boundaries of the PS2 hardware even further than before.

    Initially we were given a basic tutorial as we made our way up the mountain. The X button is for jumping and if the designated spot is a bit far, Lara is able to latch onto the edge of the rock or platform. By pressing X again, Lara will pull herself up and sometimes even perform an acrobatic manoeuvre in which she does a handstand then lands on her feet. Sometimes she may only get to the ledge with hand and in a matter of seconds we had to quickly press the Square button for Lara to get a firm grip with both hands. The Circle button is used for crouching and it allows here to crawl through confined spaces and can be also used while running as it enables Lara to execute a 360 roll.
    The left analogue stick is Lara's directional tool while the right is used for the camera angle. Swimming was the next part of the tutorial which didn't take long at all to master. The circle button was used for diving while the X was used to ascend. Lara had only a few moments until she ran out of air which was displayed by a meter onscreen. Once again the left analogue stick was as a directional and was also used for exiting the water. By pressing the analogue stick up she is able to grab onto the ledge and push herself up. Fans of the original games will note that the basic movement mechanics for Lara have changed considerably. Set distances no longer apply for movements (i.e. tapping forward no longer moves her a preset distance), yet the new animation and movement system works exceptionally well. Pulling off great long distance jumps and manoeuvres is far more rewarding knowing it's a result of player skill rather than knowing exactly where you were going to land, as with set movements in the previous titles.

    Lara carries a palm pilot device that can be accessed from the select button on the controller. It holds important data that helps her through her missions. Some of the options she can access are objectives which outline her current mission listings, a digital log that stores information about her past missions and a gear option that displays the current items that are available to her such as weapons. Most of the environments are fully interactive so there are times when Lara must push obstacles out of the way. By getting within distance of an object such as a rock and tapping the square button once, Lara is able to shove a moveable object. She can also kick much smaller objects out of the way. To jump left or right from a vine or pole we needed to push the directional stick facing the right area while pressing the X button. It was very cool jumping from vine to vine but timing had to be perfect in all instances. The left digital pad was used for obtaining other items in her possession such as a flashlight or medical kit. Another useful tool she has access to is the magnetic grappling device. It replaces the standard three-prong hook with a superstring electromagnet that is able to reach distances up to 25ft. Lara has access to many types of weapons that she may find along the way but her weapon of choice are none other that her twin semi-automatic 9mm Barretta pistols. The R1 button is used as the trigger function and while shooting it will look onto the closest enemy. By pressing the R2 button the screen turns into 1st person perspective and allows Lara to make a more accurate shot.

    Lara will visit some very exotic locals throughout the title.. Some of the highlights would be the streets of Tokyo that starts out in a nightclub. As she makes her way to the top of the building she finds a motorcycle at the rooftop that is used to cross over to another building. The city lights of Tokyo are quite captivating from a distance with huge colourful billboards on almost every building. The remote base in the hills of Kazakhstan is equally impressive, surrounded by beautifully detailed snowy mountains. Lara begins from the top of the mountain and she must make her way down on the icy landscape. It is a remarkable view from the top of the mountain, and as you look down you are able to make out the lights of the base camp. Paraiso Peru was a quiet little village filled with historical architecture that included houses and statues. And finally, the beautiful surroundings of Nepal include the extraordinary mountains of the Himalayas. Lara must make her way through the unforgiving landscape and the slightest of errors will have her plummeting to her death. We loved the special effect lighting throughout the mountain stages as the sun peered through small gaps of the rock formations. Water reflections were also impressive but what had us smiling was the detail throughout the levels we played.
    Rendered textures on all surfaces looked brilliant and as most of the environments are interactive we couldn't ask for more. The soundtrack perfectly suited each exotic backdrop that is very pleasant to the ears with realistic sounds of the wild life to top it off."

    Bè, c'è qualcuno che può tradurre, a grandi linee... Vero?:D
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    Originally posted by 30th
    The remote base in the hills of Kazakhstan is equally impressive, surrounded by beautifully detailed snowy mountains.

    E' verooo!!! :azz: :azz:

    Mi ero completamente dimenticato della base militare (ma... Kazakhstan? :mumble: )
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    secondo me c'è un po' di spoiler...
    vi faccio un riassunto veramente striminzito, se qualcuno vuole aggiungere qualcosa (o fare la traduzione completa...) avvisi che si può anticipare quello che accadrà nei primi momenti del gioco.. e successivi :rolleyes:

    In pratica si inizia da un tutorial (descritto anche dal punto di vista delle emozioni che si provano, quello che si vede).
    Vengono dettagliatamente descritte le funzioni di ogni tasto del pad di ps2, i controlli sono facili, rispondono bene ma chi è abituato ai classici comandi di lara dovrà imparare tutto da zero, anche se è tutto facile.
    Quando si spara c'è la possibilità di premere il tasto R2 per avere la visuale in prima persona :rolleyes: per mirare meglio ai nemici.
    Il livello di Tokyo inizia in un nightclub e sui tetti troveremo la moto... si parla anche dell'impressione che questi livelli danno e per Tokyo di come si vedano le luci anche di edifici lontani, con un effetto molto piacevole e colorato.
    Ah, verso l'inizio dicono che quando Lara esce bagnata dall'acqua è più sexy che mai :P

    Non aggiungo altro... cmq le impressioni sono positivissime "non potremmo chiedere di più", sono impressionati dal livello di dettaglio, dalle ombre create dal sole anche nelle crepe rocciose, dall'uso impressionante di una quantità inaspettata di texture e dalla piacevolezza dell'esplorare ambienti così curati e belli.
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    Oh che bello... oggi che volevo fare una bella traduzione dall'inglese... psiko mi viene a dire che c'è lo spoiler. :D

    Ok, sarà per la prossima volta :asd:

    Comunque questa mi sembra più una recensione che un articolo di anteprima.
    "Il limite dell'amore è sempre quello di aver bisogno di un complice. Questo suo amico sapeva però che la raffinatezza del libertinaggio è quella di essere allo stesso tempo carnefice e vittima". (Il Duca Blangis in "Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma", di Pier Paolo Pasolini)
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    Originally posted by Riflesso
    Oh che bello... oggi che volevo fare una bella traduzione dall'inglese... psiko mi viene a dire che c'è lo spoiler. :D

    Ok, sarà per la prossima volta :asd:

    A' psiko, te potevi stà zitto?:D :asd:

    Scherzo! ;)

    Anzi, grazie mille per il breve riassunto!:approved:

    Mi fa piacere che siano contenti per i dettagli... Dice che ci saranno anche gli uccellini che volano!:D :D
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    Grazie 30th e psiko! :approved: :D .....comunque sono curioso di leggere tutto l' articolo, credo che userò un traduttore, sperando che non esca roba del tipo: "Tomba Razziatore Leggenda" per tradurre Tomb Raider Legend :asd:
    [SIZE=1]Vedere il mondo in un granello di sabbia
    e il cielo in un fiore di campo,
    tenere l'infinito nel palmo della mano
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    Originally posted by Alex88
    Fantastico!! Ma allora ci sarà un livello con un tutorial? E la casa di lara allora che funzione avrà?

    Appunto.....se il primo livello in Bolivia funzionerà da tutorial, la casa che scopo avrà? :confused:
    [SIZE=1]Vedere il mondo in un granello di sabbia
    e il cielo in un fiore di campo,
    tenere l'infinito nel palmo della mano
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    Originally posted by psiko

    Quando si spara c'è la possibilità di premere il tasto R2 per avere la visuale in prima persona così
    Grazie psiko :approved: , insomma hanno messo su R2 la possibilita' di sparare in prima persona :confused:
    Beh a me non fa schifo , mi ricordo quando sparavo sugli scheletri da lontano con la balestra , c'era il mirino telescopico , ma il prima persona e' un altra cosa , magari in alcune occasioni puo' farmi comodo , ormai ho fatto il "callo" anche su Resident Evil 4 , e percio' mi sono abituato un po' di piu' a sparare quasi di prima persona , ma preferisco sempre di terza persona , e' un opzione che usero' poche volte .
    Poi per i comandi nuovi no problem , in genere ci faccio subito l'abitudine , ( per AoD ci ho messo qualche giorno , proprio il peggio della Terra :asd: ) , insomma nel globale buone notizie anche sulla grafica , grazie 30TH psiko :P
    La leggendaria Lara Croft ora e' una leggenda eterna
    Lara Croft Global Staff
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    Ormai io sono abituato al puntamento automatica, ma non escludo che la possibilità di mirare e sparare in prima persona sia molto utile... soprattutto quando si devono eliminare dei nemici senza essere visti, un po' come dei cecchini... Speriamo che i "cattivi" possano essere eliminati anche con un solo colpo sparato alla testa: macabro, ma estremamente realistico e molto più coinvolgente... ;)
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