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    Ooohh, finalmente! Sono proprio curioso di vedere come è stato realizzato... Stando ai vari trailer e alle immagini viste per tutto questo tempo, la passione per Tomb Raider e il desiderio di realizzare un film degno del nome che porta sono veramente forti: sicuramente hanno fatto un ottimo lavoro! ;)
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    Hey all !

    Thanks for all the well wishing and congrats.

    Well, here's how it went......

    Only days previous we (Val, Brian our Sound Designer and myself and the wonderful Bex) were all scrambling like mad trying to get a polished version to show.

    Bex stayed up for FIVE whole days and I stayed up for nearly three and Val, who knows, eternity maybe?

    So we were ALL stressed, exahusted and I got food posioning the night off.

    It's Sat. before the premiere, and the plan was to meet up with Brian, knock out a decent first pass on sound, mix it, and have Val finish up the awesome visual FX on Sunday, test screen it on Monday and be cool.

    Not so much.

    Sat., our sound designer gets called into work at the last minute, what's supposed to take a few hours takes 14 hours, so we never got to work on TOTD at all.

    Val was doing some visual FX, but really needed all the sound elements to pull through.

    So on sunday, Brian and I agree to meet at his place and try to knock out sound in a day.

    The first half of the day goes well......then we hit a huge snag. The computer wouldn't recognize the firewire so after 2 hours of trying to get it to work, we moved the session to the studio and didn't get started again till close to midnight.

    At 5:30 am we had to call it quits.

    And we were only halfway done with sound design !

    So Brian gives me his firewire with all kinds of sound FX and I rush home at 6:00 AM and begin finishing up a quick fix for the last half of the film.

    Val needed this movie days ago and it's Monday afternoon now and I haven't slept in nearly a week and have been up for two days straight.

    I finally get a passable version but I'm having problems getting the movie to Mini DV Tape, so I export just the video and then the audio and bring those to Val.

    Val then spends all night and all day finishing VFX.

    I get to the premiere place at 6 pm, the premiere starts at 8pm and the movie was planned to show at 845.

    Vals mom hands me a mini DV with the movie on it, I give it to the audio visual dept. and she begins to test it to set the levels and what not.

    A minute later she comes back to me.

    "um, there's no movie on this tape."


    "There's no movie here, there is time code, but no movie"

    so, we fast forward and search the entire thing, no movie, none, nada, zip.


    it's just after 6 and wow.

    So, I call Val and tell her the news.

    She then has Scott make a DVD of it at the house while she gets ready to come to the premiere and he will then deliver it when it's done.

    It's 7 ish now and I'm trying not to freak out. According to Keith, there were massive problems all day concerning getting the movie out and done and I can only imagine.

    At 9:07 the people who own the club/movie theater come up to me and say if I don't show this movie at 9:20, I can't show it.

    They had 3 bands that they had to do sound checks for at 10 pm and we onlt had the place rented for 2 hours.

    Val shows up and we stall for a bit by doing the raffle drawing and our filmmaker speeches.

    Before then, I talk to them and plead and beg for us to show it, cause we've spent so long on it and really need to show it.

    They give us till 10:15 to show have it shown and done.

    At 9:39 the speeches were finished and I kept scanning the crowd for someone to let me know the DVD had arrived.

    This was nerve wracking, there were hundreds and hundreds of people there, the place was packed, and we had NO movie.

    I walked toward the enterance and right on impeccable timing, Scott showed up with the DVD.

    I ran up to the AV guy and told him the movie was here, he said we can't play it, it's after 9:30.

    I told him I spoke with one of the owners and he said we had till 10 15 to show it. He then said, no, he can't play it. I said, listen, I spoke with him.

    Finally, they put on the DVD.

    How did it go?

    After that it was smooth sailing, the movie played amazingly, everyone absolutely loved it and was blown away.

    So, at the last second, we were able to show it.....whew.

    Bekki, the music was so good, it fit so well, thank you again, can't wait to hear the rest.

    Mark, the logo looked GREAT on screen.

    Thanks everyone, in a few months, the DVD will be completed.

    The movie isn't quite done, it needs more sound work, more polishing on visuals and of course the rest of the awesome score, but as soon as it IS ready will keep you all posted.

    BTW, the awesome Adam Braswell was there from Eidos and he was blown away by the film.

    Very cool.


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    Non vedo l'ora di vederlo! :D
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    Originally posted by 30th
    Domani sul giornale ci ritoroviamo "SCANDALO: Ecco la nuova Lara Croft! Addio Karima e addio Angelina"!:asd: :rotfl: :asd:

    Con tutta l' ammirazione per questa grande appassionata ..non credo che possa oscurare ne Angelina Jolie ne l'emergente Karima come modella di Lara ;)
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    Originally posted by Angelot
    Un nuovo film di TR? senza la Jolie? :confused:
    Ho guardato il trailer: l'attrice assomiglia a Lara solo nel davanzale! :D

    Non è un film ufficiale!:D
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