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    Hi guys...

    Welcome to the official forums for Iron Warriors. Below is the press release for this tank simulation and some of the features! :-))

    What do you think?!

    Hear the thunder of cannons and the squeal of caterpillar tracks as you command three of the best tanks the russians ever built – the t-72b, the t-55a and the t-34/85. Issue orders to other infantry and vehicle units as you crush enemy positions leaving nothing but track marks in your wake.

    Entertainment software publisher blackbean games today announced that they will be bringing the modern day tank simulation iron warriors to the uk and europe. Iron warriors brings a never before seen depth of realism to the tank simulation genre. Every shell and every piece of terrain has been perfectly recreated to provide gamers with the most realistic tank experience possible!

    In the massive single player campaign spanning 30 missions, players can control all the positions within their chosen tank and also issue commands to a multitude of attached units.
    With environmental factors simulated in mind blowing detail, destructible terrain and hundreds of finely detailed characters and vehicles, the level of detail in iron warriors is incredible. A complete ballistics and physics system means would be tank commanders need to take everything into account when engaging the enemy, including wind speed and distance,!

    + Intuitive controls allow players to be the driver, gunner and commander of their tank

    + Command a full platoon of vehicles and infantry

    + Fine-tune levels of realism to suit experience from AI assisted arcade style to full simulation

    + Destructible terrain, see the damage you cause!

    + Full ballistics and armour physics for the most realistic tank experience ever!

    + Day/night cycles and dynamic weather create diverse tactical options

    + Play over lan in thrilling combat scenarios

    + Use the mission editor to create new content and then share it with the community!

    Iron Warriors takes modern day tank simulation to the next level. Its scaleable realism is sure to leave its mark in stores this March 2006.:muhehe: :muhehe:

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