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    Hi Guys,

    Welcome back... I've noticed that you are all being very shy! We need your help to get this forum kick started so don't be afraid to post your thoughts, feelings and requests!

    I have been speaking with Black Bean and they said there would be a media update in the next couple of days! I for one cannot wait to see what they have. :)

    To try and get you all involved I have put together a poll on what the most important thing is for a tank simulation... please take part!

    Huge Landscapes

    Realistic Physics

    Large number of playable tanks

    Loads of missions

    Online Play
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    Hi guys. Sorry, my Italian is next to non-existent so it took me a bit to register.

    Iron Warriors looks like a great game. We've posted the latest screen shots on it on our news section: http://www.wargamer.com/news/news.asp?nid=3147#

    Please be sure to keep us appraised as to how it's progressing. This is exactly the kind of game our readers want to know about.

    Please foward any news to: news at wargamer dot com.

    We'd love to write a preview of the game when one is ready. Just send me an email.


    Jim Zabek
    The Wargamer
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    The game would have been sweet back in 2000 but it seems a little late. The reason no one is posting is because you cant get the register to work right. If you read english then good luck getting through the register prossess.

    I have uninstalled the game from my computer. Sorry man but this game sucks!

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