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    Hi all,

    I played the demo couple of times and it is quite entertaining.
    Beside the fact that it is too difficult for me to survive the enemies. Fortunately, I found the "god"-entry in the configuration... :asd:
    But one question: the target is to kill the agent in the jeep who is leaving the village. Is it possible that the agent has to be killed in a special period of time? If I wait too long and the jeep already reached the hills behind the village, then I always lose the mission, when I destroy the jeep.
    Or is it, because there are two civilians in the jeep?

    By the way: is it possible to play in the same tank in MP together with teammates. That means, i.e. one is the driver, the other the gunner and another one the commander? Or does everyone has to have his own tank?

    Best regards from Germany

    And another "by the way": will there be a MP-demo..? :shy:
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    Been playing with demo a bit and have couple questions -

    - Is there gonna be more vechiles in game in future? BMP's would be cool ;)

    - Can you switch outside/inside view ingame anyway? I know you can enable it in options, but then i dont get inside view from anywhere until modify options and restart game again?

    - If this is same game as T-72 Balkans on Fire, does this already contain those missions packs and patches i saw on their site?

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    Another question, is there possibility to 'lock' on target? Just noticed that AI very stupid, as i had T-55 attacking my tank and it went behind hill, so AI suddenly decides rotating tower back and shooting tankers with MG, well, i did try manually rotate gun back to forward position but wasnt fast enough, T-55 comes behind hill and bang, im dead :P

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