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    you have to consider that you'll play "standard missions", this means that goals are predetermined, but you can reach them in different ways.

    Everytime you'll load a scenario, you'll face different combat situation, depending on your choices and on AI opponents.

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    Thanks Dave. I understood that the missions would always have the same predefined goals.

    My hope (badly asked) was that this scenarion does not happen:-

    Tank a, moves from behind building 1 and heads for cover C.
    The next time that you load the scenario/mission exactly the same thing happens. Increasing the AI/difficulty just means that the tank moves faster and can sence your presence through buildings ect.

    My hope is that if you take the above senario for Tank a, is that it might move to building 3 or even head straight for cover F, depending on what is happening around it.

    Too many times statagy games and sims have the 'canned' Tank a always goes through a predefined path no matter what like a high teck game of Harrier Command.

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