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    Hi there!

    I'm playing this game for a while now. But there are some anoying gameplay issues.

    The first campaign mission are playable, but from level 4 it's getting hard, too hard.

    The scan option sucks. Guys with rocketlauchers destroy my tank before i can see them. Same for the artilery. You can't see them, but they can see you.

    And the game is way too slow. At least put 1 or 2 save options in the game. it's getting frustrating driving half an hour, and then get destroyed from nowhere.

    I'm losing the fun already in playing this game. Even when you see a tank, you may hope your gunner can hit him, or if you fire manually, you may hope you can position your tank and gun in time, or else you can start all over.

    improve the game with a patch please:

    1. save options
    2. after reaching a checkpoint, autosave the game
    3. faster detection of enemies (when rotating gun for example with scan)
    4. Better manual:
    - control list to print
    - how to dig-in. Is it really possible?
    5. Wouldn't it be great if your tank is destroyed to keep on fighting on foot? with a fancy rocketlauncher offcourse:cool:
    6. The Dual mode should also be disabled when you drive or get in position of gunner. Not change to commander first and then disable.
    7. If none of the above is possible, then gimme some fancy cheatcode :P Then i can have fun again.

    For now, i'll stop playing after trying the 5th level 300 times:mad:
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    I've read with attention all your comments, and I thank you for attention... what I can say...

    Iron Warriors is a tank simulation, not an arcade game and sometime, you have to put in consideration when you play...
    you wrote that "from level 4 it's getting hard, too hard" and I'm pleased to hear about it... ;) I repeat this is a simulation, if you want you can set all parametres as you prefer in order to make it more arcade and more easy!...

    About your comments, some of them are really interesting, such as the possibility to same, autosave, printable controls... someone else absolutely not :) - 5. for example, it's quite impossible that a tank can destroy itself shooting on the grond (there is a 'dead-zone') not covered by cannon...

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    thnx for the reply Dave.

    First, what parameters can be set? there's nothing in the menu.

    Second, i did not talk about destroying my own tank :P but a build-in FPS is not possible i guess.

    But it's frustrating sometimes. When i'm the driver (to speed up the game a bit) i suddenly get shot by a tank from about 150 yards. But the commander and gunner do not detect it. So i have to stop the tank, get in position as gunner, but dual mode is still on, then as commander to put "dual-mode" off, then switch back to gunner, then first load some ammo, and then find the target and then....i'm allready FUBAR.

    The PZU is also anoying. The view is always zoomed, and the turret is aiming at a total different spot then my main gun. So i have to search around where the tank is that i've wasted to kill some guys crawling around.

    I'm not saying the game sucks, again, i really like this sim. But I also want to complete missions so i can play new ones:P
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    Hi I am new to the game (it only came out here in the UK today) and I am having a blast.

    From what I understand there is as T72 (or what ever) configureation launcer available from the start bar.

    The two main things that I can see putting some people off is:-
    1) The Battlfield and intro anim are not central as they look to be in windowed mode and moved left and up.
    2) The popping into windowed mode for all the transition and menue screens.

    Both of these problems along withthe inability to re-map the controls ingame using the standsrd select control and click on button/key wanted to be asociated with that control. The main reason I would love this metod of control selection is that I use a joypad in the same style as a PS controller. It would really add to the immersion IF you could use the 2 analouge sticks for driving (one for each tread).

    So far I have only had time to do the tutorials so asfor lack of objects ect, I am not in the position to comment on.

    The audience for tank sims is small and I would really hate for this to be dismissed because of a few problems that make the sim seem amaturish. Please do not see this as demeaning all the effort gone into T72, as it is not ment to be. Thanks all involked for some adult playing.

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