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    I've just installed the game, but have a graphics problem with the driver mode that displays the outside world in a letter box type arrangement.

    I'm using the latest ATI drivers with a Radeon X800XT and have tried manually setting the AA and AF options and tweaking the graphics configurations and resolutions, but nothing seems to get rid of the black surround. See the attached screenshot.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Forget the screen shot, the posting engine will not take it... (moderator?)

    Basically everything execpt the outside world in the drivers view works fine (azimuth compas, damage indicator at the top of the screen) but the view of the outside world is masked by a black area that cuts off the top 50% and 10% of the left and right side of the screen.

    Just found out that the commanders view when sitting on top of the tank (unbuttoned) also suffers from the same problem, but the external view (F9) does not and works perfectly.

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    Uninstalled the game, and re-installed.

    Downgraded the ATI Drivers to the 6.2 drivers supplied with the game, and everything worked fine as far as the graphics are concerned.

    Upgraded the ATI drivers to the latest version again, and the issue came back.

    At least we know where the problem lies here now...

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