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    I'm now experiencing some problems with the training missions.

    The Driving mission starts out OK, and I manouver the tank around to the Ford waypoint, but unless I drive right into the centre of the water, the mission will not ask me to move on to the next waypoint which is the obsticle course. The problem is, that whenever I drive the tank to the co-ordinates required to move on, it sinks and the crew evacuate the tank and swim to the shore!

    The gunner mission also has a problem for me. I follow the instructions and let the AI drive the tank to the first waypoint, but it stops the tank in a depression and the target area can not be seen. I've manually driven the tank out of this depression, and / or commanded the AI to move forward a little until I can see the target (gun).

    I select and load the ammunition, set the stabilisation mode as per the instructions on screen, target and destroy the gun with two shots (the first always sends it flying off a few hundred metres). At this point, nothing else happens. the instructions do not move on and if I go to the objectives, it still tells me to destroy the gun...?

    Am I missing something here? The game has so much potential, but right now I'm just finding it, and the lack of support for the UK downright frustrating...! :mad:
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    After having both the training mission and graphics problems, I installed the game on my laptop. The graphics issues didn't occur which was good, but they were also vastly inferior to those of my games PC.

    What this did enable however was the ability for me to see the ground beneath the water on the driving tutorial, and I could see the deep areas of the water. If I drove around the edge of the water to the other side, and then back towards the centre of the water from that side, it would then send me forward to the next waypoint, but without being able to see though it (i.e. having very low graphics settings), how else are you supposed to figure this out?

    The gunners turtorial however, still has the same issues, and will not move on once the gun is destroyed.


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